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  • Pay attention to toilets

    Pay attention to toilets

    Guggenheim museum reportedly offered the White House a golden toilet: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/01/25/politics/guggenheim-white-house-van-gogh-toilet/index.html If Donald Trump was responsible he would pay more attention to toilets. Bill Gates and WHO do. WHO – Reinventing the toilet for 2.5 billion in need: http://www.who.int/bulletin/volumes/92/7/14-020714/en You can save 70% of water in developed countries by changing your toilet flush for a model invented…

  • Energy and Civilization – Vaclav Smil

    Energy and Civilization – Vaclav Smil

    How energy makes life possible – Bill Gates: https://www.gatesnotes.com/Books/Energy-and-Civilization?WT.mc_id=12_15_2017_07_EOYBooks2017EnergyCivilization_BG-TW_&WT.tsrc=BGTW&linkId=45942398 Energy and Civilization – Vaclav Smil