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  • And there’s goat cheese

    “What kind?”“Pélardon… Yes, please. Two thanks.” They weren’t pélardons,They didn’t even look like them,The crust cracked too much,The color was cream Instead of the brightful white of milkAnd it was melting too muchAnd besides, the taste was bland.Or maybe it was just a poorly prepared pélardon? This cheese dates from AntiquityIts crafting has been preserved […]

  • To give or not to give?

      To give or not to give? Giving money to a beggar will undoubtedly help him in the short term. But how do we know who we give and how will the money be used?   – CNN discussion about Pope : Always give to panhandlers: https://youtu.be/q7eeZDwisdo In addition, people also have the right to live […]