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  • Organic mass production has no future

    Organic mass production has no future

    Over the last three years, Europe has seen crop failures due to drought and invasive species. Farmers can’t beat the price of grain from Ukraine, which is in desperate straits. One hectare of arable land disappears every second in the world, and soil is a non-renewable resource. (La disparition des terres agricoles: https://www.planetoscope.com/sols/1175-disparition-de-surfaces-agricoles-dans-le-monde.html) By the…

  • Protecting water

    Protecting water

    We recently received instructions to save water. We all agree that water is a precious resource that must be preserved. Why aren’t the big water consumers targeted by these measures? Intensive corn, cotton and soya farming, concrete buildings and golf courses consume a lot of water. What specifically is being done to curb the massive…