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  • Basic Income is possible.

      The instrument of freedom | Philippe Van Parijs | TEDxGhent: https://youtu.be/GP4sBGbeF8w – Poverty isn’t a lack of character; it’s a lack of cash…- Rutger Bretman – TeDTalks: https://youtu.be/ydKcaIE6O1k – Universal Basic Income: UBI Pilot Program – futurisme: https://futurism.com/images/universal-basic-income-ubi-pilot-programs-around-the-world – Can a universal basic income resolve future income security challenges? – ILO: https://www.ilo.org/global/meetings-and-events/WCMS_562867/lang–en/index.htm A well-made video about the UBI […]

  • To give or not to give?

      To give or not to give? Giving money to a beggar will undoubtedly help him in the short term. But how do we know who we give and how will the money be used?   – CNN discussion about Pope : Always give to panhandlers: https://youtu.be/q7eeZDwisdo In addition, people also have the right to live […]