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  • Fais

    No matter your religion or agnosticism. What matters is what you do with it. What matters is what you do. And instead of denying evidence, Use evidences to move forward, To give humanity a helping hand, Even if your hand is very small. Aurianne Or “Be the change that you wish to see in the […]

  • Fais

    Qu’importe ta religion ou ton agnostisme.  Ce qui compte c’est ce que tu en fais.  Ce qui compte c’est ce que tu fais. Et qu’au lieu de nier l’évidence, Tu utilises les preuves pour aller de l’avant; Pour élever l’humanité, Ne serait-ce que le petit peu que tu peux. Aurianne Or “Vous devez être le […]

  • Black hole

    Black hole

    “You have to find out what you can’t know before you know you can’t, don’t you? (…) The point is people must think, people must go on thinking, they must try to extend the boundaries of knowledge and they don’t sometimes even know where to start. You don’t know where the boundaries are, do you?” […]