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  • How can we win back trust?

    How can we win back trust?

    Today, the far right in Europe and in the United States is only gaining ground. But is attacking immigrants, as the police are doing, a solution to the security problems we face? What can we do about the rise of jihadism in particular?Jihadism feeds on the exclusion advocated by the far right and applied by…

  • Decivilisation


    Decivilisation is the new buzzword. Emmanuel Macron uses it to describe workers who take to the streets, young people in the suburbs or environmental activists. All of Europe’s right-wing parties use the same word to say that Europe is losing its civilisation and is being replaced by barbaric migrants. “By using the term “decivilisation” to…

  • They make Putin laugh

    They make Putin laugh

    Donald Trump is an agent of Putin who has enough leverage on him. Therefore, the White House decisions over the last 4 years have been in favour of Russia at the expense of the United States interests. This is the simple truth as explained by ex head of FBI counter-espionnage Peter Strozk. Peter Strzok: What…