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  • Resume


    Experience requiredDegree level is a must. Who can afford To work for free or for a low wageAnd this for long hours a week And over several months or even years?The best? Or rather those who are like fish in waterWell heeled ambitious ones?A few lazy sloths, Who make others do their job,And who can’t […]

  • Only attitude matters

    Only attitude matters

    Sport, Only attitude matters. Discrimination of all types – sexist, religious or age – distort the competition and give a changed picture of the abilities of each individual. Competitors are not exposed to the public at the height of their success. Think about discrimination against Black people before the 1930s. Watch how their sportsmen make […]

  • Yes to educational freedom for all

    Yes to educational freedom for all

    Yes to educational freedom for all Teachers, pupils, parents, administration; how many are the people deeply disappointed with education? How many people lack access to education because they are too young or too old, or because they are just not fitting in the school system? How many  times do we hear “I had a hard […]