Donald Trump is an agent of Putin who has enough leverage on him. Therefore, the White House decisions over the last 4 years have been in favour of Russia at the expense of the United States interests.

This is the simple truth as explained by ex head of FBI counter-espionnage Peter Strozk.

Peter Strzok: What I Saw With Trump Is ‘Deeply Concerning’ – Morning Joe – MSNBC:

But simple inconvenient truth can be too hard to accept for some who are then tempted to endorse a conspiracy theory. 

Today its last avatar is the globally spread group QAnon. There have been many similar cults in the recent past. But this time they are millions, connected, endorsed by Donald Trump, many are armed and intimidating.  No proof is good enough to reason them since truth itself has been assailed since years. 

Ignoring facts and bending statistics have long been a strategy to lure citizens, but during the early 2000s, President W. Bush and many industries like Monsanto hired bogus scientists to publish papers denying climate change and the the toxicity of their products. The media fell for it with their “quote both sides” format. Audiences were under the impression that there were as many pros dans cons to any science fact that was previously universally agreed. As a consequence people have lost progressively lost their referrals, science facts are often labelled as simple opinions and it became increasingly difficult to debunk bogus theories.

Lies, damned lies and Donald Trump: How the Reagan and Bush assaults on truth and science may presage what’s coming. – Salon

Science publishing: The trouble with retractions – Nature:

This dangerous mix makes them de facto a re-branded nazi mouvement, empowering its saviour Donald Trump to destroy all that was left of democracy in the US, to the great satisfaction of Vladimir Putin who we know pulls many strings to Russia’s benefit.

QAnon is a widespread nazi cult, enlisting normal people by raising fear of hidden plots and supporting Donald Trump who will protect them. This is a grave imminent danger to our nations.

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America’s neo-Nazis don’t look to Germany for inspiration. They look to Russia. – The Washington Post:

If you ask yourself why nobody stopped the nazis in their ascension to power in 1930s, think about what you could do today.

Meeting Snowden – Arte:

QAnon groups hit by Facebook crackdown – NBC News:

Twitter announces broad crackdown on QAnon accounts and content – The Guardian:

To whomever can act, this is the time to think about where goes your loyalty. To this administration? To orders? To this nation? QAnon fascists and Donald Trump treason have become everyone’s problem.

La théorie du complot QAnon se mondialise – Vice:

It is not equal time the creationists want. … Don’t kid yourself. They want all the time there is. 


Science is complex and chilling. The mathematical language of science is understood by very few. The vistas it presents are scary—an enormous universe ruled by chance and impersonal rules, empty and uncaring, ungraspable and vertiginous. How comfortable to turn instead to a small world, only a few thousand years old, and under God’s personal; and immediate care; a world in which you are His peculiar concern. 


Science is dangerous. There is no question but that poison gas, genetic engineering, and nuclear weapons and power stations are terrifying. It may be that civilization is falling apart and the world we know is coming to an end. In that case, why no turn to religion and look forward to the Day of Judgment, … [being] lifted into eternal bliss … [and] watching the scoffers and disbelievers writhe forever in torment. 


Science is uncertain. Theories are subject to revision; observations are open to a variety of interpretations, and scientists quarrel amongst themselves. This is disillusioning for those untrained in the scientific method, who thus turn to the rigid certainty of the Bible instead. There is something comfortable about a view that allows for no deviation and that spares you the painful necessity of having to think. 


[Creationists] make it sound as though a ‘theory’ is something you dreamt up after being drunk all night. 

Quotes from Isaac Asimov, The Roving Mind, 1983.

Isaac Asimov is a Russian-American writer and biochemist who was a prolific author and editor of science fiction and non-fiction. These quotes show his book is still relevant in the so-called post-truth era. CERN is under constant attack and attracts rumours as it is also the case for so many scientific institutions. Anybody can contest their authority, just because they say so or misinterpret cherry-picked data. 

Serious scientists are being harassed and threatened, especially when their research collide with financial interests (eg. climate change, genetics, medicines, food). The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who has been instrumental in exposing Volkswagen lies about its diesel engines, is now being progressively dismantled by the Trump administration.

But the many less vocal people can still rely on peer-reviewed serious scientific research. Use your common sense, trust data from bona fide institutions and beware from those who have no doubts.

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