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  • A slice of the cake

    A slice of the cake

    It’s not going well. Purchasing power is melting away, the standard of living is falling, and doctors are less and less available, drugs less and less reimbursed, and so on. Pouvoir d’achat : ce que disent les chiffres… et ce qu’ils ne disent pas – Radio France: https://www.radiofrance.fr/franceculture/podcasts/la-bulle-economique/pouvoir-d-achat-ce-que-disent-les-chiffres-et-ce-qu-ils-ne-disent-pas-7969607 There is clearly competition for resources. If…

  • The moral compass

    The moral compass

    All the world’s major powers have spent the whole week preventing the Israelis from entering Gaza. What would happen if Israel entered Gaza? The number of civilian victims would soar. It is highly unlikely that the Arab countries would be able to hold back their opinion any longer. They would have to get involved in…

  • Ecoterrorism


    Terrorism is the use of terror for ideological, political or religious ends. The word “terrorisme” was first used in November 1794, when it was used to describe the “doctrine of the partisans of the Terror”, those who, some time earlier, had exercised power by waging an intense and violent struggle against the counter-revolutionaries. It was…