Donald Trump is an agent of Putin who has enough leverage on him. Therefore, the White House decisions over the last 4 years have been in favour of Russia at the expense of the United States interests.

This is the simple truth as explained by ex head of FBI counter-espionnage Peter Strozk.

Peter Strzok: What I Saw With Trump Is ‘Deeply Concerning’ – Morning Joe – MSNBC:

But simple inconvenient truth can be too hard to accept for some who are then tempted to endorse a conspiracy theory. 

Today its last avatar is the globally spread group QAnon. There have been many similar cults in the recent past. But this time they are millions, connected, endorsed by Donald Trump, many are armed and intimidating.  No proof is good enough to reason them since truth itself has been assailed since years. 

Ignoring facts and bending statistics have long been a strategy to lure citizens, but during the early 2000s, President W. Bush and many industries like Monsanto hired bogus scientists to publish papers denying climate change and the the toxicity of their products. The media fell for it with their “quote both sides” format. Audiences were under the impression that there were as many pros dans cons to any science fact that was previously universally agreed. As a consequence people have lost progressively lost their referrals, science facts are often labelled as simple opinions and it became increasingly difficult to debunk bogus theories.

Lies, damned lies and Donald Trump: How the Reagan and Bush assaults on truth and science may presage what’s coming. – Salon

Science publishing: The trouble with retractions – Nature:

This dangerous mix makes them de facto a re-branded nazi mouvement, empowering its saviour Donald Trump to destroy all that was left of democracy in the US, to the great satisfaction of Vladimir Putin who we know pulls many strings to Russia’s benefit.

QAnon is a widespread nazi cult, enlisting normal people by raising fear of hidden plots and supporting Donald Trump who will protect them. This is a grave imminent danger to our nations.

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America’s neo-Nazis don’t look to Germany for inspiration. They look to Russia. – The Washington Post:

If you ask yourself why nobody stopped the nazis in their ascension to power in 1930s, think about what you could do today.

Meeting Snowden – Arte:

QAnon groups hit by Facebook crackdown – NBC News:

Twitter announces broad crackdown on QAnon accounts and content – The Guardian:

To whomever can act, this is the time to think about where goes your loyalty. To this administration? To orders? To this nation? QAnon fascists and Donald Trump treason have become everyone’s problem.

La théorie du complot QAnon se mondialise – Vice:

War and Peace at the UN

In 1961, Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld’s plane, which wanted to establish a UN right of interference in Katanga (Congo), crashed. The square in front of the General Secretariat in New York still bears his name.

The project to establish a right of interference falls through. This means that the UN cannot intervene when a conflict occurs within a country. It can only intervene when one country declares war on another.

The UN is therefore not intervening, or too late, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Chechnya or Syria.

In cases such as Haiti or East Timor, the UN intervenes when it is an internal conflict. This is because there is no commercial interest that puts pressure on the presidents of the USA, France, Russia, China and the United Kingdom. This is important because they are the ones who are part of the security council.

Bernard Kouchner relaunches the idea of the UN’s right of interference. He has not enough support and the idea falls through again.’ing%C3%A9rence

Several conflicts erupt without the UN intervening or, on the contrary, making the situation worse. This makes the institution less credible. Horrible massacres such as in Sebrenica or Aleppo are taking place.

So why do I still have confidence and why do I have my hopes for the UN?

Since the creation of the UN, the risk of dying from violent aggression has collapsed. The number of countries that have declared war to another has also fallen. The number of injured, maimed and dead is much lower in internal conflicts than in conflicts between countries.

It is a fact that peace has progressed thanks to the UN:

The very idea of the duty of interference is gradually gaining ground in the face of state sovereignty.

But the UN does much more for peace, helping people to live better.

The results on child labour, slavery and women’s rights are staggering. No one can deny the effectiveness of WHO, which has been directly involved in the eradication of certain diseases. Who could criticize UNICEF?

The introduction of indicators has served as a lever for States to face up to their real actions, and not those of their propaganda.

The UN is effective. The UN is still in its infancy.

Some are frustrated because they do not intervene in internal conflicts; let us mobilize to ask for interference!

Let us also ask the institution to measure the progress of democracy through a popular initiative referendum indicator (e.g. how many there have been, results respected):

The current UN Secretary General is a man of courage who fought against the Salazar dictatorship in Portugal. He will surely listen to the requests made to him. With popular support, it will be easier for him to convince the powerful ones:

Giving priority to peace also means making better use of public money by freeing the institutions from lobbies which press for their commercial interests, before peace is established:

It is very important for the UN to have people who support them. We are not the only ones. More and more groups around the world are pushing to help bring about this popular referendum project in the face of the increasingly autocratic trend of “liberal democracies”. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is concerned about these issues.

V-DEM is a department of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. It officially provides indicators and statistics for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 16 (related to peace, justice and strong institutions).

The V-DEM Annual Report 2017:

The UN has already collaborated in 2015 with the V-DEM cabinet to consider the measurement of the referendum on popular initiative. V-DEM provided statistics for the SDG in 2015 in a very technical report:

This index measures:

(1) the ease with which each type of popular vote can be initiated and approved, and

(2) the importance of this vote (if approved).

The ease of initiation is measured by:

(a) the existence of a process of direct democracy,

(b) the number of signatures required; and

© the time limits for collecting signatures.

The ease of approval is measured by the quorums relating to domain names in :

(a) participation,

(b) approval,

© the supermajority, and

(d) a majority of the district.

With regard to the importance of the vote, it examines its decisive nature (whether the decision is binding or not) and the threatening capacity of direct democracy mechanisms at the initiative of citizens, measured by the frequency with which direct popular votes have been used and approved in the past. Finally, the study tests the validity of the new measure, discussing its strengths and limitations.

The next revision of the indicators of SDG 16 (Peaceful and inclusive societies) will be in July 2019 with the opportunity to include the direct democracy indicator. If the project does not pass, the next chance to ask for a referendum on a citizens’ initiative at the UN will be in 2030.

Petition to the UN in accordance with the sustainable development objective n°16 “peace, justice and strong institutions” ( …), for the Popular Initiative Referendum: sign here: and forward it to your friends.

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L’ONU interdit à la France l’usage des grenades et lanceurs de balles car cette violence d’Etat dissuade les gens de manifester pacifiquement.

Rights of ‘gilets jaunes’ protesters in France, ‘disproportionately curtailed’, say UN independent experts | UN News

Si vous avez la chance d’être protégé par votre statut ou votre pays, vous avez le devoir de vous servir:

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The Fiddler by Marc Chagall, from which the musical takes its name.