The consequences of living in a world built around male data can be deadly

Women are twice more likely to die of heart failure than men because the emergency services only know the male symptoms and send women home. 

Research and pharmaceutical companies prefer men’s body as they are far more straightforward and they do not test medicine on pregnant women at all.

Only women die from womb cancer and medicines are only tested on men.

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Women are 47 times more likely to die in a car crash and cars are only tested on the “average male dummy”. Designing cars for men only require less effort than for both sexes as male bones are stronger and less breakable.

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Body armours are designed for a male chest and don’t protect women. Their bellies are not protected. Some female police officers have surgery to reduce their breath in order to be safer.

The good news is that the firemen department has finally decided to conceive fire protection clothes for women, who before had to work in suits that were unadapted and too big.

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To finish with, we have the data for both sexes but tests are made for men while real-life accidents are for women. The most terrible thing is that nothing is done to prevent this shocking fact.

We are just vehicules to ensure the gene’s immortality – “Robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes”.

“Different sorts of survival machine appear very varied on the outside and in their internal organs. An octopus is nothing like a mouse, and both are quite different from an oak tree. Yet in their fundamental chemistry they are rather uniform, and, in particular, the replicators that they bear, the genes, are basically the same kind of molecule in all of us—from bacteria to elephants. We are all survival machines for the same kind of replicator—molecules called DNA— but there are many different ways of making a living in the world, and the replicators have built a vast range of machines to exploit them. A monkey is a machine that preserves genes up trees, a fish is a machine that preserves genes in the water; there is even a small worm that preserves genes in German beer mats. DNA works in mysterious ways.”
― Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene

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