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  • Housing


    Why is housing so expensive, whether to buy or rent? Why are people forced to pay when “the right to housing is a human right.” With limited financial means, it’s hard to find affordable, good-quality housing. (https://www.humanrights.ch/fr/nouvelles/droit-humain-logement) In the cities, prices have skyrocketed. They have become inaccessible to part of the population. And the countryside…

  • Restricting personal wealth

    Restricting personal wealth

    The Gracchus brothers, Gaius and Tiberius, were tribunes, the equivalent of our deputies, and they wanted to tackle the problems of the time. The rich were few in number but owned almost all the land. As they produced all the cereals, they agreed among themselves to set a high price and brought in foreigners to…

  • Ecoterrorism


    Terrorism is the use of terror for ideological, political or religious ends. The word “terrorisme” was first used in November 1794, when it was used to describe the “doctrine of the partisans of the Terror”, those who, some time earlier, had exercised power by waging an intense and violent struggle against the counter-revolutionaries. It was…

  • Short circuited mass distribution 

    Short circuited mass distribution 

    Even if supermarkets are beginning to phase-out, the G20 economy does not seem to be suffering. Hypermarkets may even have been detrimental to growth:  – G20 GDP Growth – Fourth quarter of 2018, Stable GDP growth in G20 area OECD – OECD: https://www.oecd.org/newsroom/g20-gdp-growth-fourth-quarter-2018-oecd.htm Hypermarkets and shopping malls are now doubting their survival: – Will ShoppingMalls…

  • “A multitude is a better judge of many things than any individual”

    “A multitude is a better judge of many things than any individual”

    –  Politics by Aristotle Sommes-nous plus intelligents à plusieurs ?: https://www.radiofrance.fr/franceculture/podcasts/les-rencontres-de-petrarque/sommes-nous-plus-intelligents-a-plusieurs-1352240