You were literally in your mother’s skirts.
They were beautiful.
You were beautiful.
But you don’t like them anymore.

Now emancipated,
You choose your wardrobe.
Your abundant hair turns around your head
As if to make the link between the present and the past.
Or do you use it
Like antennas
To reach out to others?
Your big heart always sees nothing
But their qualities.

Beautiful, oh yes; always.
You follow your way;
Modestly, as always
Brilliantly, as always.

The medals you earn don’t matter,
You’re ready to go again
In another direction
To follow your passions.
You live by the wind,
By listening to your heart.

And the heart, that’s just it,
Isn’t it also made
To love serenely
A small family?

Are you, in turn, going to
To have a baby under your skirt?
You wish it,
And quietly,
We look at you once again
We hope for a wonderful success.

Aurianne Or

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Aurianne Or by Aurianne Or is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0