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  • Skirts


    You were literally in your mother’s skirts.They were beautiful.You were beautiful.But you don’t like them anymore. Now emancipated,You choose your wardrobe.Your abundant hair turns around your headAs if to make the link between the present and the past.Or do you use itLike antennasTo reach out to others?Your big heart always sees nothingBut their qualities. Beautiful, […]

  • A Mommy look

    A Mommy look

    A Mommy look “Do I look like a chair, or a bed? Do I look like a coat rack? Is my back small enough for your school bag? Do I look like a kangaroo that can carry its young all the time? Does my hair look like tissues? Do I look like a garbage can? […]

  • Belly


    I often dream of floods, or overwhelming suffocation seas, or just of being alone in an inhospitable brown river. And yet, I always feel like it’s related to my child. It rings a bell to my being a mother, who can love as vastly as these shady waters; But I feel I have to let […]