Skin to skin,
Mouth to breast,
You breathe life
with your nourishing milk.

A serene and straightforward head
makes you perpetuate
this gesture through the ages
and civilizations.

Listening to nature,
you reject artificial milks
devoid of hormones and
good bacteria
that populate a baby’s intestinal flora.
they make babies more fragile,
and promote allergies.

Maternal love,
the joy of being fed,
This precious bond
must be preserved.

You can sleep
with the baby
against your chest.

You can sleep soundly
when Daddy puts the baby to sleep
in the sling
that holds him close to his heart.

No health scandals
Nature has it all.

If you’re in pain,
If you have cracked nipples,
If baby bites,
If things aren’t going well,
Listen to the advice of your elders
Marie Thirion and Naître et grandir
can help you overcome any difficulties.

As much as the baby like for the first six months,
Only one feed in the morning
and one in the evening
will keep you breastfeeding
until baby’s second birthday.

Yogurt, cheese and
Pumped milk
allow Mum
to take a break.

Aurianne Or

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Aurianne Or by Aurianne Or is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0