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  • No family

    It is difficult today to reconcile family and professional successYou are a womanThe biological clock makes Tick tock Tick tockSlowlyFatally Tight dressesMake-upDietsYou’re going to attract seducersNot a husbandUnless you’re lucky. Be yourselfOtherwise, you won’t be able to interestSomeone who loves you for who you areAnd who will stay with you Even when you’re all wrinkled […]

  • And

    If you don’t solve your problems Your problems will come back And Bac And bak And Back again Stop complaining It’s easy to be right analyzing problems! You may be a victim, You may be not, But what can you do about it? Try to know yourself better. Especially your weak points, your mistakes, And […]

  • Believe in yourself and go for it

    Believe in yourself and go for it
  • Heart ❤

    Heart ❤

    These perfect parents on Facebook Are just showing you a facade; You can’t act all the time, You can’t let Hollywood raise your kids. Confirm to theses clichés And you’ll just be a victim … Of intolerance and uniformity. They’re the flesh of your flesh, Whether you want it or not. They’re at the heart […]

  • Gender

    “Aie le courage de devenir ce que tu es” ― Søren Kierkegaard It was a beautiful fall in Geneva and they were training for the Escalade, the famous Winter Genevan run. What else than a jogging in the beautiful colors of Park Bertrand? And of course, as women always do, they were chatting at the sametime. The discussion had come to […]