If you don’t solve your problems
Your problems will come back
And Bac
And bak
And Back again

Stop complaining
It’s easy to be right analyzing problems!
You may be a victim,
You may be not,
But what can you do about it?

Try to know yourself better.
Especially your weak points, your mistakes,
And accept them.
Try to know your abilities, your strong points,
And accept them.

Try to think smart,
Try to think about the possible solutions,
It’s hard!
Most of the solutions you will find will be wrong.
But you only need a few
Efficient ones and
True to who you are.

To solve your problems,
You have to admit you can do something about them.
Even if you are a victim,
Even if you are not,
You can become an actor
And act
And act
And act again.

New beginnings
Will be brought about 

In the end.

Aurianne Or

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