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  • Blank page

    Blank page

    Blank page Not having ideas, but having a pen… Like a hammer looking for its nail The pen is looking for his words. Silence. The blank page. “I have to do well”, a thought that censors me… To defeat it is to regain freedom of speech Which we all need. Change activities? No, no, no, […]

  • Solitude in a treble clef

    Solitude in a treble clef

    Solitude in a treble clef AloneAloneThe keyThe soilAnd meAll aloneOnly one key The othersThe familiesFriends of mineThe clubs Nothing to doCome on, I’m doing the right thing.Without the heartThe shoppingAlone in the middle of othersCooking What’s the point if it’s only for meThe house cleaningThis makes you terribly lonely.No messI’ve already tidied up fifteen times.No […]

  • Fais

    No matter your religion or agnosticism. What matters is what you do with it. What matters is what you do. And instead of denying evidence, Use evidences to move forward, To give humanity a helping hand, Even if your hand is very small. Aurianne Or “Be the change that you wish to see in the […]

  • Head in the clouds

    Head in the clouds

      Albert Einstein was considered at school as a bogus because he always had his head in the clouds. His name is now used as synonymous with genius. Is there a link between his scientific creativity and his state of mind? Many Studies prove that yes, there is one. For instance, Ut Na Sio and […]

  • Cut

    And the violenceFeeling you are living with a head in a vise-gripLiving at another level of consciousnessToo tired to be able to use the brainThe head feeling dizzyDiscomfort A hypoglycemia?The lack of sleep? Continuous stress pressure?Not a minute of respiteEat what you findWhat you can Feeling like you are not living normallyJust trying not to […]

  • Scared

    I SHE was scared by all these men dying at sea — in this dangerous impetuous Galician sea. So they had crossed the ocean, fleeing the poverty and famish of their village, — called Orro for it was close to the gold and God of Santiago. And they found this land, where, he, the fisherman, […]