To my friend who doesn’t wear a veil

Behind your smile,
I can see the tears you are trying to hide.
And when they do get out,
You don’t want to see them,
You ignore them.

I take you in my arms
When you think you are hugly,
When you think you are not interesting,
When you feel unable to face your boss.

When you listen to my advice,
I know you should be the one speaking
And not listening.
Behind the admiration you have for me,
I see your despair.

You want me to make you laugh
And tell you funny stories
So, you can keep on smiling.
That’s what I do, I talk
But I can also see.

You are so down
You are not confident enough to say what’s wrong.
You listen to other people’s advice,
As if they knew better than you.
You listen to everything they say
But do not have your say.
You follow their point of view and agree.
You do not wear a veil on your hair,
Your veil is deep inside your eyes.

I wish you could ask for help,
I wish I could listen to you,
I wish you could stop rolling yourself into an invisible veil
Which alters your perception of reality.
I know you used to be strong,
I know you used to be one of the best at debating.

I wish you could see your husband is of no help,
Feeling superior because you are so down.
Feeling superior because he can decide everything for the family
With your admiration and consent,
Not accepting any single hint of criticism from you anymore.

I wish I could help,
But you do not ask for my help,
And I need your confessions to be able to help.

At least, I wish
I could tell you to go to a psychiatrist
And to a couple counselling.

I feel guilty
Being your friend
And being hushed up.

Aurianne Or

Aurianne Or by Aurianne Or is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0