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  • Make fun or help the conspiracy theorists

    Make fun or help the conspiracy theorists

    Conspiracy theories have existed all over the world, throughout the ages. In ancient times, there were fanciful explanations, such as a Jew attracting the evil eye in Alexandria. Nazi ideologies fed on conspiracy theories. Social media is a breeding ground for conspiracy theories. There are people who think the earth is flat, that the end…

  • Gris


    Gris Education à ce qu’est la dépression, pour une meilleure compréhension de ce que vivent les victimes, pour que les victimes comprennent mieux ce qui leur arrive  Education about what depression is, for a better understanding of what victims are going through, so that victims better understand what is happening to them Gris Review –…

  • Yes to educational freedom for all

    Yes to educational freedom for all

    Yes to educational freedom for all Teachers, pupils, parents, administration; how many are the people deeply disappointed with education? How many people lack access to education because they are too young or too old, or because they are just not fitting in the school system? How many  times do we hear “I had a hard…

  • Fais


    No matter your religion or agnosticism. What matters is what you do with it. What matters is what you do. And instead of denying evidence, Use evidences to move forward, To give humanity a helping hand, Even if your hand is very small. Aurianne Or “Be the change that you wish to see in the…

  • To give or not to give?

    To give or not to give?

    To give or not to give? Giving money to a beggar will undoubtedly help him in the short term. But how do we know who we give and how will the money be used?   – CNN discussion about Pope : Always give to panhandlers: https://youtu.be/q7eeZDwisdo In addition, people also have the right to live ……

  • Better days

    Better days

    Supertramp – Better Days: https://youtu.be/xE_dA479MCs Queen – Innuendo: https://youtu.be/FRM0G1wfXoM

  • Heart ❤

    Heart ❤

    These perfect parents on Facebook Are just showing you a facade; You can’t act all the time, You can’t let Hollywood raise your kids. Confirm to theses clichés And you’ll just be a victim … Of intolerance and uniformity. They’re the flesh of your flesh, Whether you want it or not. They’re at the heart…

  • Cut


    And the violenceFeeling you are living with a head in a vise-gripLiving at another level of consciousnessToo tired to be able to use the brainThe head feeling dizzyDiscomfort A hypoglycemia?The lack of sleep? Continuous stress pressure?Not a minute of respiteEat what you findWhat you can Feeling like you are not living normallyJust trying not to…

  • To my friend who doesn’t wear a veil

    To my friend who doesn’t wear a veil

    Behind your smile, I can see the tears you are trying to hide. And when they do get out, You don’t want to see them, You ignore them. I take you in my arms When you think you are hugly, When you think you are not interesting, When you feel unable to face your boss.…