Gender equality means equal right to have access to work in the same way. The fact of assigning a job to a gender is not synonymous with freedom. On the other hand, if a person chooses on his or her own to work in a trade that is gender-specific, it does not mean that he or she is forced. On the contrary, it exercises its freedoms much more than those who accept jobs that do not suit them.

In short, don’t choose a profession based on your gender and by expressing your freedom to do what you want.

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J Crois qu y a des enfants qu’habitent chez moi

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La naïveté grotesque des enfants fait peine à voir, surtout si l’on veut bien la comparer à la maturité sereine qui caractérise les adultes. Par exemple, l’enfant croit au Père Noël. L’adulte non. L’adulte ne croit pas au Père Noël. Il vote.

Pierre Desproges 

“The grotesque naivety of children is painful to see, especially if we compare it to the serene maturity that characterizes adults. For example, the child believes in Santa Claus. The adult doesn’t. The adult does not believe in Santa Claus. He votes.” — Pierre Desproges

How can you frighten a man whose hunger is not only in his own cramped stomach but in the wretched bellies of his children? You can’t scare him – he has known a fear beyond every other.

The Grapes of Wrath – Chap 19 – John Steinbeck


The Grapes of wrath – Wikipedia:


The Grapes of Wrath (film) – Wikipedia:

– Oh! There is still something we’d like to tell you …

– Ah?

– Nothing serious. It’s just that the police came to school to explain how to be safe on the road to the children. They explained the signs, how to cross the street … That sort of thing. When they finished, they asked if there were any questions.

– And there, we were kind of surprised. Your son, who is usually very shy and has trouble communicating, has raised his hand very high.

– We were really surprised. It is very rare that he raises his hand. I think it was the first time I saw him asking to speak like that.

– The police let him speak. And there, he began to explain to the police that dinosaurs were also very dangerous on the road.

– He described all kinds of dinosaurs and explained to the police how each dinosaur was dangerous on the road in different ways.

– We could not stop him anymore. And he gave all sorts of instructions and explanations about how to protect oneself … It was funny.

– We had a good laugh.

– It was just for the anecdote. Are there other things you want to discuss at this meeting?

– No, that’s fine. And you, darling, do you want to add something?

– No. Thank you for having us.

– Thank you. Goodbye.

– Bye, Madam.

– Bye, do not hesitate to call us or write in the home liaison diary if you have to tell us something …

– All right, good evening.

– Good evening, thank you.

The parents put their coats on and left.

– He’s a quite phenomenon our son. He is awesome. And then, with all the dinosaurs that he knows, he had to talk their ear off for some time ….

– Yes, but you see; somewhat, they are too young for rational explanations. He translated the policeman’s speech into a story adapted to the age of the children. And then, after all, he’s right. The biggest danger on the road is the unexpected. We cannot know what to do in all situations …

– But preparing for the most common contingencies reduces risk ….

Aurianne Or


The next day, our young hero tried to use Word for the first time. And guess what, he drew shapes to design an Ankylosaurus…