Le Paon Scooter

Good for your budget:

– compared to a car.


– compared to public transport or cars at rush hours.


– Consumes less than a car, consumes even less when it is electric.

– Helps reduce traffic jams. (Reduces the infrastructure budget of the city).

– Easier to park. (Less parking to build for the city)

Not so good:

– Accidents, caused in 85%of the time by car drivers who do not see the scooters. Et paon! They should have one eye every feather !!

– Equipment needed. Hot in summer.


– Compulsory training for scooter drivers with a test to be passed before going on the road. Insist during driving school lessons on the presence of scooters, educate drivers of all types of vehicles so that they can properly protect scooter drivers.

– Paint scooters in more visible colors.

– Make outfits and helmets more visible. (In motorcycle shops, most products are black and a few in neon yellow colours, reflective stripes, which is justified but it discourages most customers who want to look like a knight, not a policeman). For this, I propose that outfits have to make the knight as proud as an iridescent peacock. After all, peacocks are seers AND are very classy.

– Create dedicated lines for scooters, in addition to bike ones. This would facilitate the work of the car drivers because they would only have to look at the dedicated way to take action. Looking in all mirrors all the time is difficult.


– More people to scooter = less traffic jams, less space dedicated to park and less pollution.

“Environ 80% des collisions impliquant des motocyclistes et causés par d’autres usagers de la route sont dues au fait que ces derniers regardaient dans une toute autre direction”. TCS: https://www.tcs.ch/fr/tests-conseils/conseils/types-de-vehicules/scooter.php#anchor_1a514a15_Accordion-Le-risque-d—tre-bless—dans-la-circulation-est-il—lev—-

BMW C Evolution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miqx4fdpbYM

Traction Control: Help for a Messy World: http://powersports.honda.com/experience/articles/090111c0814723a2.aspx#xkBTf9PJEbbO5TLO.99

Pour lire cet article en français, cliquez ici: https://aurianneor.tumblr.com/post/176441602655/le-paon-scooter-econoniques-par-rapport-à-une

Healthy Road – Etre en meilleure santé, être plus à passer: https://aurianneor.tumblr.com/post/163870710320/healthy-road-etre-en-meilleure-santé-être-plus-à


As a mother of two children, I often end up carrying three pairs of sunglasses — on my T-shirt… It is not that convenient, so, I’ve thought about this little family sunglasses holder. My husband usually deals with his sunglasses, that’s why I’ve created one for three pairs. This is just an idea, this is super convenient for me. Please adapt it to your needs and your bags.

I have used cotton Thai traditional fabric (a) for the outside, another red cotton fabric (b) for the inside and a zipper. The red ribbon is just here to hide some bad sawing.

1. First, I’ve measured what I really needed (17 x18 cm in my case) and added a bit extra for the sewing. Then I’ve made two rectangles with fabric a and two with fabric b. You have to imagine your holder upside down; fabric a is inside and outside is fabric b. Then I measured where I needed to sew and drew a line with chalk. I added the hooks (dark blue fabric + metallic rectangles). I pinned them. 2. I sew  along the chalk lines.

3. I pinned then sew the top of the holder.

4. I’ve finished the piece. I then had a holder for two pairs of sunglasses. I wanted a third one, so I had an idea…

5. I made a lined Zipper pouch (see tutorial below), and then 6. sew it to the main piece.

6. I then add buttons or ribbons for decoration purposes or to hide bad curves or bad sewing.

When you’ve finished yours, don’t tell anybody about what’s wrong, it must be a secret…You have to boast around and be proud of yourself!

How to make a Lined Zipper Pouch (Lined Zipper Bag): https://youtu.be/_TLCx197YoQ

You can also use the glasses pouch as a bag by adding a strap…


There you are!

Flamme à lunettes (English): https://youtu.be/Ej6gP7snEko