Hydrogen-powered aircraft

Which is better, the plane or the train?

The plane pollutes more, but it’s faster, more convenient and cheaper than the train. Trains are expensive in terms of infrastructure and space: stations, rails, track maintenance, etc. Oil lobbies compete with nuclear lobbies.

Yet aviation and ecology can be reconciled. Hydrogen-powered aircraft pollute less than trains.

The possibility of traveling long distances has opened people’s minds. The benefits are a hundred times greater than the drawbacks. International trade and tourism make for greater peace. We mustn’t limit travel, but evolve to make it less polluting.

People love individual cars and motorcycles. They allow people to move around without constraints. It’s progress, it’s freedom. The biggest polluters are large vehicles like container ships, power plants and big trucks. Why not make them run on hydrogen?

We need scientific public research into transport energies. If we hadn’t done research in the 19th century, there’d be no more wood. The hydrogen industry is still in its infancy. Today, it’s the oil companies that are doing the hydrogen research. All they think about is putting technological advances to bed.

We have more than enough power to produce hydrogen from wind turbines and photovoltaic panels when they are in overproduction (they are currently shut down). Electricity from overproduction could be sent to a water reservoir to produce hydrogen by electrolysis. This would make it possible to produce large quantities of hydrogen.

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