The biodiversity in Peru is enormous and unique, 3000 to 4000 varieties of potatoes, 52 varieties of corn, 163 varieties of tomatoes, 7590 varieties of flowers that exist only there, 4400 varieties of butterflies, 3 varieties of cocoa, avocados, cotton. We use only a few varieties of each crop in Europe. If these were to get infected with diseases, we would have to return to Peru to use another one.

The Amazon is the largest river in the world, the largest source of plant biodiversity. Most of our medicines come from the Amazon.

But this biodiversity is in danger. To extract gold, all it takes is a bulldozer and mercury to separate the earth from the gold. This mercury is not recovered in containers but is rejected into the Amazon, giving it a gray color. It is a poison that destroys everything. The companies that exploit the gold scrape the land down to the rock, destroying everything with no chance to grow back because the rock is bare, expelling without further ado the inhabitants who are exiled to Lima, a metropolis in the desert with 9 million inhabitants that can not decently accommodate them. 6000 hectares of Amazonia are destroyed every year.

The companies that exploit these resources have more means than the government itself; they use violence and are not held responsible in their countries of origin.

The UN intervenes through an education program and there are draft laws in the countries of origin to hold these companies accountable.

Biodiversidad en el Peru – Lima 2019:

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Mathieu Henderson (@Mat__Henderson) Tweeted: Alors que l’initiative “Entreprises responsables” est rejetée à la maj. des cantons, les sympathisants du texte parlent déjà de nouvelles propositions. Ils comptent aussi “regarder si les multinationales ne commettent pas de violations graves”. Le cons.national PS Baptise Hurni

Sun Cream

Différences entre écran solaire minéral et filtre UV chimique – ecocentric:

Hawaii approves sunscreen ban in an effort to save coral reefs – TreeHugger:

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To check if your sunscreen is good for your health and the environment:

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For more complex info:

OMS | Rapport historique sur les effets pour l’homme de l’exposition aux perturbateurs endocriniens chimiques:

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“Look back and take a picture of the Earth”,
Carl Sagan told the Apollo 17 astronauts
Who were oriented towards space
Photographing distant planets and stars.

“Turn back, there’s no need to look to the future!”
When, for the first time,
Humans cause disasters
At the magnitude of natural disasters,
You chose not to look  at it.
Anyway, you’ll be dead
When that happens….
You treat the Earth like garbage
And you’re looking for another liveable planet
To destroy.

You’re my grandmother,
And you’re dead,
Before disasters.

I’m still alive.
But the Earth is dying.
The emergency is now!
Sled dogs have their feet in the water;
The heat wave of the Sahara travels in a whirlwind.

So, now,
It’s time to be honourable!
Let’s turn around,
Let’s protect ourselves,
Get back to power
To tackle to the powerful
Who continue to destroy
For their sole profit.

Build a future
Democratic and ecological
In everyone’s interest.

Aurianne Or

Photo des chiens de traîneaux, Steffen Malskaer Olsen – France info :

La Chine ne veut plus être la poubelle du monde – Courrier International:

The Green New Deal, explained


Cosmos, Carl Sagan


  • “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.“— Mahatma Gandhi

Why wait 2000 years to adopt a natural and more efficient way to grow food?

“The recycling of organic wastes was perfected over centuries in Europe. But their Nitrogen content is only 0.5% and the heavy labor of collecting and distributing up to 40 tons of wastes per acres of city execra resulted in an overall loss of 60% of energy loss per cultivated acre.

Green manuring was used by ancient Greek and Romans and in East Asia. Nitrogen fixing leguminous can replenish the soil over 4 months when cultivated in alternance with crops.

But it was only between 1750 1880 that the generalization of rotations of legume over crops enabled high yelds, intensive agricultural system and a greater variety of diet.”

Vaclav Smil – Energy and Civilization

The eco comfort, a way of life

– How to use vinegar for household chores:

White vinegar can also be used instead of softener in your washing machine. It is very effective, except for the towels it makes rough.

– The ‘Hydrochasse’ Griffon, The ecological solution, responsible and innovative for your toilets:

– Manual mower for your lawn (ideal for flat or small areas):

or an electric mower: green works pro 80V

– Do not use poisonous woods to build your house or for your furniture; they are unethical, not environment-friendly and unhealthy:

– Canadian well, when and how to install it:

Simple actions can help environment without changing your comfort. I’m sure you have many ideas in this matter. Please share! 😉



I) What this Green Car Table mean?

The most serious car makers have different approach to the reduction of toxic emissions

  • Improve engine efficiency and fuel combustion with better manufacturing quality (eg. Mazda Skyactive-G engine). 
  • Assist a petrol or diesel engine with a self-recharging battery. These are hybrid cars. (eg. Toyota Auris) 
  • Alternate from petrol to electricity using a battery to charge plug-in from the grid. These are plug-in hybrid cars (eg. Toyota Prius or Volvo V60). 
  • Full electric charge from the grid (eg. Nissan Leaf).

Nox is the exhaust gaz responsible for toxic fog in big cities. It is mainly due to incomplete fuel combustion. Watch this TED-Ed explanation The smog phenomena

CO2 emissions are not only to be measured from the tailpipe but also from the power plant if the car uses plug-in electricity. There are major differences per countries depending of the source of energy. Countries like France rely on nuclear power that doesn’t emit C02 but it transfers the risk to an industrial catastrophe. You can read here the electricity emissions per country:

Some car makers may use aluminium to build the car body. It makes the car lighter so it consumes less fuel on the road. But producing aluminium requires 20 times more oil than the production of steel. Making an aluminium car is worth 2or 3 years of fuel consumption on the road. So when comparing cars the figures need to be reassessed.

A choice has been made making this table which is to use figures of real world driving made by independent groups of scientist. Please consult section IV if you want read them first hand.

II) Open science meets car industry

Don’t forget that the Volkswagen scandal has a been the result of Open Science which means university researchers have measured and shared their work. It was previously made by car makers only. Open scientists share their techniques and findings online. This new phenomenon has surprised Volkswagen but also others like Fiat or Renault. They cannot alter the figures as much as they wish anymore.

If you want to know more, please consult these articles:

This is the testing rig that caught Volkswagen riding dirty – The Verge:

Researchers Who Exposed VW Gain Little Reward From Success – NY Times:

Exhaust particles of modern gasoline vehicles: A laboratory and an on-road study – Science Direct:

III) Don’t let governments shame you into thinking individuals are the only ones to blame.

Although looking for the cleanest car is an important goal, transportation only accounts for 14% percent of the emissions of toxic gazes. To put this data into perspective , compare this figure to agriculture industry and house heating systems which represent 49% of the emissions altogether. The datas are available on this document: 

Emissions per economic sector – EPA:

Let’s draw a parallel with antibiotics. People should indeed use antibiotics reasonably but the 50% of the worldwide production is administered to cattle. ( and 70% in the US ( 

Please, feel free to consult my former post called Pill Umbrella for more information:

IV) If you want to check the figures of the table, here they are: 

Dutch CO2 factor for road vehicles

Road Tested Nox and Co2 emissions

TRUE – The Real Urban Emissions Initiative – The Real Urban Emissions

Test achat Belgique  sur le Dieselgate à télécharger:

– Emissions Analytics is the unrivalled expert in the use of Portable Emissions
Measurements Systems (PEMS) and the interpretation and analysis of real-world data:

– Emission analytics calculator:

– Emissions related to steel and aluminium car bodies:

V) Law dealing with big cheaters

Diesel emissions scandal: VW fined €1bn by German prosecutors – BBC:

Electric cars grab almost half of sales in oil-producing Norway – Reuters:

La Tesla Model 3 obtient la note maximale au test européen de sécurité des passagers – Phonandroid :

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Arnold Goes undercover as a Used Cars Salesman to prank customers

Environment Health Perspective – Sunscreens damage coral:

Consommons sainement:


France Nature environnement:

Collectif des Associations de Défense de l’Environnement du Pays-Basque et du sud des Landes:

Comment utiliser l’aloe véra – Doctissimo: