Free public transport

Free public transport can be a way of getting more people to use it, and of developing it further.

This enables us to fight pollution, limit the use of cars and thus ease traffic congestion, give greater independence to young people, the elderly and others who can’t get around by car, and optimize service on bus networks that are sometimes poorly used. It’s a chance to ensure free access to transport for all, regardless of means.

Shifting road traffic to mass transit reduces congestion, increases average speeds and may even reduce the number of traffic accidents. Parking can also be made easier, and road deterioration can be reduced. As a result, the public purse spends less on parking and road maintenance, and less on accident reimbursement via insurance.

The environment and public health benefit, thanks to the reduction in air pollution and, consequently, in the number of sick people covered by health insurance, paid for by the taxpayer. Noise pollution from road traffic is reduced, and space can be given back to pedestrians.
Free public transport can help alleviate the problems of global warming through greenhouse gas emissions and oil depletion. If such transport runs on hydrogen, the environmental impact is further reduced.

It also reduces the cost of checking tickets and eases the flow of public transport traffic, as there’s no need to validate tickets. It’s also good for tourism.

This reduces the cost of work when people use transport to get to work and save time.

Last but not least, the buildings are less damaged and blacken less.

This benefits everyone, whether or not they use public transport. So it’s up to everyone to pay.

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