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Even if supermarkets are beginning to phase-out, the G20 economy does not seem to be suffering. Hypermarkets may even have been detrimental to growth: 

G20 GDP Growth – Fourth quarter of 2018, Stable GDP growth in G20 area OECD – OECD: https://www.oecd.org/newsroom/g20-gdp-growth-fourth-quarter-2018-oecd.htm

Hypermarkets and shopping malls are now doubting their survival:

Will ShoppingMalls Survive the Decade? – Edgy: https://edgy.app/would-shopping-malls-survive-the-crisis).

They blackmail us for jobs and cry wolf for growth when they are the first to destroy it. Their economic model, their consumption pattern, is being challenged by the lack of public support. It is not sectoral and this whole mass consumption pattern with globalized distribution is shattering.

Short circuits have honored their promises of greater profitability, innovation and environmental protection. Short circuits are much more favourable to economic growth:

– ASE – Pourquoi développer les circuits courts? : https://youtu.be/_KT-LnHEkck Watch this video:

And with regard to innovation, the short circuit allows all actors to better communicate, discuss and find local solutions for the benefit of producers, retailers and consumers. Innovation is about discussing local solutions together instead of relying on global transport.

– Value chain development explained: https://youtu.be/KnAVgP2YjYE

Environment is linked to economy. In the UN 2019 global assessment report (https://www.ipbes.net/news/Media-Release-Global-Assessment) it is said that to “better understand the main causes of damage to biodiversity, a pattern that emerges is one of global interconnectivity – with resource extraction and production often occurring in one part of the world to satisfy the needs of distant consumers in other regions.”

The Report is dubbed “1,000,000 species threatened with extinction. ‘Transformative changes’ needed to restore and protect nature. Opposition from vested interests can be overcome for public good.”

It presents an illustrative list of possible actions to achieve sustainability. It promotes “approaches that empower consumers and producers through market transparency, improved distribution and localization (that revitalizes local economies), reformed supply chains and reduced food waste.” A “full and effective participation of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in governance” is necessary. “We have already seen the first stirrings of actions and initiatives for transformative change, such as innovative policies by many countries, local authorities and businesses, but especially by young people worldwide.”

– Human society under urgent threat from loss of Earth’s natural life | Environment – The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/may/06/human-society-under-urgent-threat-loss-earth-natural-life-un-report

Gender equality means equal right to have access to work in the same way. The fact of assigning a job to a gender is not synonymous with freedom. On the other hand, if a person chooses on his or her own to work in a trade that is gender-specific, it does not mean that he or she is forced. On the contrary, it exercises its freedoms much more than those who accept jobs that do not suit them.

In short, don’t choose a profession based on your gender and by expressing your freedom to do what you want.

Why Stay-at-Home Parents are Good for Older Children -Eric Bettinger – Graduate School of Stanford Business: https://www.gsb.stanford.edu/insights/eric-bettinger-why-stay-home-parents-are-good-older-children

Home with Mom: The effects of stayathome parents on children’s long-run educational outcomes – Discussion Papers – Statistics Norway Research : https://www.ssb.no/forskning/discussion-papers/_attachment/113165?_ts=13ea1e1e480

Towards a better future for women and work: Voices of women and men – ILO: https://www.ilo.org/wcmsp5/groups/public/@dgreports/@dcomm/@publ/documents/publication/wcms_546256.pdf

More Millennial Women Are Becoming Stay-At-Home Moms – Here’s Why – Sarah Landrum – Forbes:  https://www.forbes.com/sites/sarahlandrum/2018/02/09/more-millennial-women-are-becoming-stay-at-home-moms-heres-why/

Stay-at-home fathers in Australia – Australian Government – Australian Institue of family studies: https://aifs.gov.au/publications/stay-home-fathers-australia/4-characteristics-stay-home-father-families-compared-other-familieswo

The house was three hours’ drive from work.
Then a lousy one bedroom flat,
With half the room bending with the roof
Then the house had no heating
The other had a stream that ran from the kitchen to the street through the living room
And the electricity installed 30 years ago
Notary and municipal elected official ass and shirt
Married, put to the trash the DASS mail that indicated substandard housing
Especially with a baby
3 months of double rent
Nice when we just moved in
And who pays for the hotel and the move into
The third apartment
The 1m20 bed barely fits in and no insulation
Damn it, near the prefecture.
Downstairs is the revolution of the construction workers
We’re more on their side than on the other.
But the two-metre flames on the asphalt
Tear gases
And the throws of REAL paving stones
We’re going to move
Among the great-grandparents
Who have a huge house
They only use the ground floor
New house, new move
This time it’s big
But the walls are infested
The little one has otitis then otitis then otitis
That’s it, we’ve been selected for a
New job, in a warmer climate
No more earaches
But the neighbour, when she flushes the toilet
It’s falling on our heads
That’s enough, this time we took
Legal insurance and not legal protection
They are obliged to repair
All of a sudden, they get busy…
But it’s flowing again,
And again,
And the works never end
The building next door burned down.
Yes, yes, yes, the one in front of the cathedral
It must be said that electricity in historic buildings
And even in our building,
leaves a lot to be desired

France is just a beautiful front,
A beautiful showcase

This time we’re not moving
We’re thinking this through

Two civil servant salaries
Doesn’t that make it possible to accommodate three people?
Are you kidding me?
This time, we’re going to move for good
We’re getting out of here.

And you know what else?
The movers refunded us 300 bucks.
Because we had organized everything so well.
That they had won a day’s work
This is the first time we’ve been valued
and that it’s in our interest to move.

And now,
We don’t move anymore
We are enjoying life….

Aurianne Or

She was a nurse
At the hospital all the time
He was a merchant
He travelled all the time

And they had beautiful children

So far so good……

Until it lasted more than ten years…

She worked full-time
Except when she worked day and night
He worked full-time
Not counting his travelling
Only three days a week
Only half of his work week

Stress and lack of sleep
Separation every week
Unpaid overtime
Full of pills

The tone has started to rise
And up

And yet, they are smart
And yet, they are better off than others
No need to work after work
No need to poison themselves at the supermarket
And a healthy place

His self-esteem is now quite low
She gives him a hard time
He feels crushed
She has found another one
When he doesn’t work full time
But at least now, she can also decompress
An hour here and there
It doesn’t make you dream
But it keeps you going
Now there are three of them to take care of the children
Not to mention school and TV…

A broken household
Confused children
Confidence lowered
And disputes
That relieve stress
On the nearest person
It’s too late!

Broken household

But the stress came from work
And who’s going to argue with that?

We can’t live without work
Both have to go through it
To be able to barely pay for what they need

If only they knew
They could have discussed
Getting out of the system.

Change their organization
Another job
Another informal job
Create a cooperative
Calling for a vote by popular initiative
Change the country
Live in another country
Another… what?

Aurianne Or

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A well-made video about the UBI to ensure dignity of life for everyone

Experience required
Degree level is a must.

Who can afford
To work for free or for a low wage
And this for long hours a week
And over several months or even years?
The best?

Or rather those who are like fish in water
Well heeled ambitious ones?
A few lazy sloths,
Who make others do their job,
And who can’t be fired?
Ticks well attached?
Windmill mites?
Some fossils
Who want to make their mark?
A few taken to the neck, debts to the buttocks,
Who are ready for anything?

The mother hen? No.
The carrier pigeon? No.
The field rat? No.
The sick as a dog? No.
Asocial branchiostoma? No.
The Saint Bernard? No.
The salmon that has a sick loved one? Neither.

Oh yes, from time to time, there is
A Wonder Woman or a Thor!
I know one, mother of two children;
She went to night school,
Found an internship, and she succeeded.
Her husband asked her for a divorce,
And the work she has is not enough for her to live alone.
So many sacrifices!
So many stories!

What about the competence, willingness and ability in all this?

Yes, to the competency-based tests when recruiting,
Yes, to universal basic income,
To give security to the citizens,
And flexibility in the workplace.

Aurianne Or

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The instrument of freedom | Philippe Van Parijs | TEDxGhenthttps://youtu.be/GP4sBGbeF8w

– Poverty isn’t a lack of character; it’s a lack of cash…- Rutger Bretman – TeDTalks: https://youtu.be/ydKcaIE6O1k

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A well-made video about the UBI to ensure dignity of life for everyone

Rationale of the basic income trialhttps://youtu.be/8xPAlEkT0kk

Spain’s UBI Is A Wake-Up Call For Americans, Current Affairs: https://www.currentaffairs.org/2020/04/spains-ubi-is-a-wake-up-call-for-americans

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La renta básica deja de ser una utopía, El Pais: elpais.com/economia/2020-

Peaceful environment for privileged people or efficient people who manage to live peacefully together and become priviledged?

Ce pour quoi on travaille, ça compte.

Environnement paisible pour des personnes privilégiées ou pour des personnes efficaces qui parviennent à vivre ensemble en paix et deviennent privilégiées?

Le travail doit être placé au-dessus de toutes les luttes de concurrence. Il n’est pas une marchandise.

Ma vie est mon message. My life is my work.


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Stephen Hawking – A brief history of time by Errol Morris (film 1991)