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  • Absences from work

    Absences from work

    Everyone talks about absence from work. But if you don’t show up for work, it’s professional misconduct and you can be fired for it. What we’re talking about is absence from work, which is justified by a sick leave, i.e. due to illness. To speak of absence from work without mentionning illness is to question…

  • Free public transport

    Free public transport

    Free public transport can be a way of getting more people to use it, and of developing it further. This enables us to fight pollution, limit the use of cars and thus ease traffic congestion, give greater independence to young people, the elderly and others who can’t get around by car, and optimize service on…

  • Representation of capitalism trying to take all the resources and trying to make workers live nothing but work

    Representation of capitalism trying to take all the resources and trying to make workers live nothing but work
  • Drugs


    At the end of the 1970s, the neo-liberal idea developed that if you work hard you can succeed, but if you fail it’s because you haven’t given yourself the means. In the 1980s, under the Thatcher/Reagan era, Western countries became deindustrialised and mass unemployment emerged. In the 1990s, the “cool Britannia” left-wingers such as Tony…

  • Let’s democratize art

    Let’s democratize art

    Let’s democratize art

  • Short circuited mass distribution 

    Short circuited mass distribution 

    Even if supermarkets are beginning to phase-out, the G20 economy does not seem to be suffering. Hypermarkets may even have been detrimental to growth:  – G20 GDP Growth – Fourth quarter of 2018, Stable GDP growth in G20 area OECD – OECD: https://www.oecd.org/newsroom/g20-gdp-growth-fourth-quarter-2018-oecd.htm Hypermarkets and shopping malls are now doubting their survival: – Will ShoppingMalls…

  • Home fairy – does it all without working

    Home fairy – does it all without working

    Gender equality means equal right to have access to work in the same way. The fact of assigning a job to a gender is not synonymous with freedom. On the other hand, if a person chooses on his or her own to work in a trade that is gender-specific, it does not mean that he…

  • I moved out

    I moved out

    The house was three hours’ drive from work. Then a lousy one bedroom flat, With half the room bending with the roof Then the house had no heating The other had a stream that ran from the kitchen to the street through the living room And the electricity installed 30 years ago Notary and municipal…

  • Pressed


    She was a nurseAt the hospital all the time Full-timeHe was a merchant He travelled all the time Full-time And they had beautiful children So far so good……
Until… Until it lasted more than ten years… She worked full-time Except when she worked day and night He worked full-time Not counting his travellingOnly three days a…

  • Resume


    Experience requiredDegree level is a must. Who can afford To work for free or for a low wageAnd this for long hours a week And over several months or even years?The best? Or rather those who are like fish in waterWell heeled ambitious ones?A few lazy sloths, Who make others do their job,And who can’t…