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  • What I am worth depends neither on market nor on race

    What I am worth depends neither on market nor on race

    Today, to be worthy you have to…be good-lookinghave a well-paid jobown your own homehave lots of new clotheshave a huge carhave talented childrenknow how to cook trendy dishes with lots of accessorieshave the latest iPhonego to the beauticianwork outhave plastic surgerygo on vacation abroadtake selfiesbe whitehave followerspursue long studieshave perfect teethbe computer literatebe skinnyalways buy…

  • Living with dignity

    Living with dignity

    Far-right ideas are gaining influence around the world. Center and right-wing parties are adopting their ideas. They are attractive because they propose to restore dignity by affirming national identity. Indeed, many areas have been abandoned (public services, healthcare, transport, etc.) in favor of the cities. The people who live there are deemed at fault by…

  • How can we win back trust?

    How can we win back trust?

    Today, the far right in Europe and in the United States is only gaining ground. But is attacking immigrants, as the police are doing, a solution to the security problems we face? What can we do about the rise of jihadism in particular?Jihadism feeds on the exclusion advocated by the far right and applied by…