What I am worth depends neither on market nor on race

Today, to be worthy you have to…
be good-looking
have a well-paid job
own your own home
have lots of new clothes
have a huge car
have talented children
know how to cook trendy dishes with lots of accessories
have the latest iPhone
go to the beautician
work out
have plastic surgery
go on vacation abroad
take selfies
be white
have followers
pursue long studies
have perfect teeth
be computer literate
be skinny
always buy for less
have tattoos

These are the things that are imposed on us, and that lead some people to think that they are failures.
The population thinks it’s inadequate, that it’s not good enough.
Youth suicide has exploded.
Drug use has exploded.
Slave-like labor has increased to allow even lower prices.
The environment is damaged. The climate is destroyed.

We can have worth without submitting to these constraints.
Taking care of the weakest
Educate to make the world a better place
Improving social ties
Make art
Being helpful
Being kind
Limit pollution
Doing ecological actions
Integrating others, including those who are different or disabled
Helping others
Buying organic and fair trade
Contemplate the world

t’s the slaves who have a value, a price.
Some people are not more worthy than others.
Neoliberals and the far right want to use worth to divide human beings. This opens the door to all kinds of discrimination.

Solidarity is for everyone. Rights are the same for everyone.
We are all equal. We’re not the same, but we worth the same.

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