The eco comfort, a way of life

The eco comfort, a way of life

– How to use vinegar for household chores:

White vinegar can also be used instead of softener in your washing machine. It is very effective, except for the towels it makes rough.

– Batmaid – What if lemons were your home’s best friend?:

Using probiotic cleaners in the toilets allows you to benefit from their enzymes on a continuous basis to eliminate unpleasant odours, but above all these allied bacteria create a barrier that prevents pathogenic bacteria such as E.Coli from taking hold and making us ill. “A rich, thriving microbiome acts as a barrier to invasive pathogens,” writes Ed Yong in I contain a multitude. “When our old friends vanish, that barrier disappears [and] more dangerous species can exploit the … ecological vacancies.”

– What is the difference between enzymatic cleansing and probiotic cleansing:

– Discover the heart of Enzynov: the enzymatic process:

– Why probiotic cleansing is essential in 2021:

– Muc-off cleanser:

– 4 reasons why Muc-off’s punk powder is the greenest way to clean your bike:

– The ‘Hydrochasse’ Griffon, The ecological solution, responsible and innovative for your toilets:

– Manual mower for your lawn (ideal for flat or small areas):

or an electric mower: green works pro 80V

– Do not use poisonous woods to build your house or for your furniture; they are unethical, not environment-friendly and unhealthy:

– Canadian well, when and how to install it:

Simple actions can help environment without changing your comfort. I’m sure you have many ideas in this matter. Please share! 😉


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