When might is right

The main consequences of the wars in Ukraine and Gaza are:

  • an incalculable number of civilian casualties.
  • a weakening of world order, with China expressing an interest in invading Taiwan, Venezuela holding a referendum to annex half of Guyana and Azerbaijan invading part of Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh.
  • The banning of many trade routes in the Black and Red Seas, leading to famine in the poorest countries.
  • Refugee flows into Western countries
  • Drastic increases in energy and food prices

It’s time for the West to act with legitimate force to protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine within its 2014 borders, and to impose a ceasefire in Gaza. This is in the interests of the people on the ground, and in the interests of the West and the future of the entire planet, because if territorial limits can be violated, many countries will want to invade their neighbors. If the United States has internal problems to deal with and cannot police the world, France and England must act in the name of entente cordiale. They have the means and the interest. They have the necessary power of dissuasion to avoid reprisals. They have already interfered in Suez and Libya.

The United Nations Charter gives five countries (France, United Kingdom, United States, China, Russia) a special responsibility to maintain world order through nuclear deterrence. They can escape retaliation.

We need to get off fossil fuels to stop depending on countries that don’t share our values.

We must defend the values of democracy. Might doesn’t make right but sometimes might is right. That is the difference between the UN and the League of Nations. For this Charter of Nations to live, its members must act. It’s not a government, but a place to act together. These are treaties in which countries decide whether or not to participate.

If we were to save the world’s widows and orphans, immigrants to Western countries would be more inclined to merge in their host country, and the French and British would be proud of their national identity, proud that their countries were doing the right thing. Terrorists would find it harder to recruit. These would be countries that defend human rights and to which people subscribe.

Armed conflict is anything but desirable. We know how it starts, we don’t know how it’s going to end, but we do know that there will be civilian and military casualties and a great deal of suffering. But it’s more desirable than letting a dictator win and bring down all the values of the enlightenment. It’s horrible to have to come to this, but after twenty years of courting a dictator and supporting authoritarianism, it’s the only option left.

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