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  • A slice of the cake

    A slice of the cake

    It’s not going well. Purchasing power is melting away, the standard of living is falling, and doctors are less and less available, drugs less and less reimbursed, and so on. Pouvoir d’achat : ce que disent les chiffres… et ce qu’ils ne disent pas – Radio France: https://www.radiofrance.fr/franceculture/podcasts/la-bulle-economique/pouvoir-d-achat-ce-que-disent-les-chiffres-et-ce-qu-ils-ne-disent-pas-7969607 There is clearly competition for resources. If…

  • Housing


    Why is housing so expensive, whether to buy or rent? Why are people forced to pay when “the right to housing is a human right.” With limited financial means, it’s hard to find affordable, good-quality housing. (https://www.humanrights.ch/fr/nouvelles/droit-humain-logement) In the cities, prices have skyrocketed. They have become inaccessible to part of the population. And the countryside…

  • Saving the language

    Saving the language

    Language is above all a means of communication. “People need other people to live. So that we can exchange and support each other, we communicate with each other. Communication in the broadest sense takes many forms: we exchange information, share feelings, show affection and sometimes create situations of conflict. We use communication to develop our…

  • Immigration


    The images are frightening. We see caravans of migrants crossing Central America on their way to the United States. We see boats filled to the brim off the coast of Florida or in the Mediterranean. In border towns, we see hordes of young men on the streets, destitute, jumping the barriers of detention centres, living…

  • Rob the poor to feed the rich

    Rob the poor to feed the rich

    rob the poor to feed the rich Prince John and Sir Hiss in Robin Hood (1973)