Under the EU-Mercosur agreement, goods circulate freely without controls or taxes. There is a health risk for consumers in Europe. We will be creating production conditions that are deplorable in social, human health, animal welfare and environmental terms. For example, 27% of the pesticides used by Brazilian farmers are banned in Europe. Many companies in Europe are relocating to make more profit while polluting in peace. All the employees in the agri-food industry will lose their jobs. Doing over there what is banned here and still selling at the same price, that’s the aim of this agreement.

Since the European Union is not run democratically, its citizens have no say in the matter. This is a denial of democracy and a denial of justice, because all disputes are to be handled by an arbitration tribunal made up not of jurists but of industrialists.

We must give our votes to candidates who are against the EU-Mercosur agreement and in favour of the European Parliament taking power, in favour of the sovereignty of the European Parliament.

In the Jeu de Paume oath of 20 June 1789, the members of French parliament proclaimed themselves to be the supreme authority in the expression of democracy and affirmed that the executive was at their service. “It is for the elected representatives alone to help form the national will, and since all the representatives must be in this assembly, it is still essential to conclude that it is for it and for it alone to interpret and present the general will of the nation”.

The Members of the European Parliament must also declare the sovereignty of the European Parliament. Europe is the world’s largest market. Trade with the rest of the world must comply with environmental and social standards.

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Jacques-Louis David – Serment du Jeu de paume, le 20 juin 1789:,_le_20_juin_1789P67musée_Carnavalet-_0.jpg

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