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  • Homemade drinks – Hot or cold but not as sugary

    Homemade drinks – Hot or cold but not as sugary

    Homemade drinks – Hot or cold but not as sugary Yes, yes, still water is healthier, from the tap when you are lucky or bottled water. And yes, yes, breastmilk is better for babies and Moms (except in serious cases). (WHO recommendations on infant feeding: https://www.who.int/nutrition/topics/infantfeeding_recommendation/en) But when you want to indulge yourself… and especially […]

  • Healthy Soda

    Healthy Soda

    Healthy Soda Half a lemon juice + 1 liter of water = ça mousse (foam) You can also add slices of fresh ginger roots and add them to this drink.  You can also make variations to this recipe: it works with oranges, strawberries, grapefruits or anything you like. The Guardian – Grandma’s all-natural recipes: when […]

  • Le mon coeur

    Le mon coeur

    Le mon coeur It doesn’t taste at all like the curds in supermarkets.` The higher the quality of the ingredients, the better the dish will be for your taste and health. You can replace the lemons or some of them by oranges. It is also super yummy. You need for these two jars: 3 large juicy lemon, 200g […]

  • Herbal Tea for the throat

    Herbal Tea for the throat

    You can add honey with or instead of ginger. – Evaluations of thyme extract effects in human normal bronchial and tracheal epithelial cell lines and in human lung cancer cell line – PubMed.gov: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27369807 – Efficacy and tolerability of a fluid extract combination of thyme herb and ivy leaves and matched placebo in adults suffering from acute […]