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  • Drugs


    At the end of the 1970s, the neo-liberal idea developed that if you work hard you can succeed, but if you fail it’s because you haven’t given yourself the means. In the 1980s, under the Thatcher/Reagan era, Western countries became deindustrialised and mass unemployment emerged. In the 1990s, the “cool Britannia” left-wingers such as Tony…

  • Les drogues

    Les drogues

    A la fin des années 70, se développe l’ idée néolibérale qu’en travaillant dur on peut réussir mais que par contre si on échoue c’est qu’on ne s’est pas donné les moyens. Au cours des années 1980, sous l’ère Thatcher/Reagan, les pays occidentaux se désindustrialisent et le chômage de masse apparaît. Dans les années 1990,…

  • The power of a King’s Speech

    The power of a King’s Speech

    “King Charles III is a constitutional monarch, meaning that he is Head of State. Although his political and executive powers are limited, the Monarch plays a central role in the life of the nation and has a lot of important responsibilities”. (The Role of the Monarch: https://ndla.no/subject:1:9b93cd9e-a45c-428c-a8fb-b4955169efdf/topic:0b7ab7e5-14c7-4118-b81e-c7d27df3aa6d/resource:ad73b390-5142-49e7-ba86-ef25c74d2e28) But what are these responsibilities? What is this…