The power of a King’s Speech

“King Charles III is a constitutional monarch, meaning that he is Head of State. Although his political and executive powers are limited, the Monarch plays a central role in the life of the nation and has a lot of important responsibilities”. (The Role of the Monarch:

But what are these responsibilities? What is this central role?

Charles III says he wants to defend environment which is the priority of our times. He receives money from the people, why doesn’t he use it and his personal wealth to defend environment. He speaks as a spectator, not as an actor.

His father, Georges the VI spoke to the people to protect them from the fascists. Why doesn’t King Charles speak up about the corrupt oligarchy who rules and pollutes massively the environment worldwide? He should condemn them publicly. He should stand against the actual government who has abandoned all its engagements of the Paris agreement and commit to develop fossil fuels in Great Britain.

What is the use of a monarch who does not protect his people? A king should protect his people from the oligarchs who take from the poor people around the world.

‘The worst kind of culture war’: Tories attack Rishi Sunak’s reversal on net zero:

The rest of the royal family, the princes and the dukes could also stand for the people. Instead, they make the news with their jet setter way of life.

Les Anglais rongés par l’inflation | ARTE Regards:

There will be a general election no later than January 2025. The Tori government may use media to terrorise people about migrants and gender while the real problems for people are the environment and the cost of living. The King could speak up to reassure people and turn debate to what really matters.

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King George VI First Radio Address — “With God’s Help, We Shall Prevail”:

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