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  • Police, Army

    Police, Army

    The gendarmes and the military promise “devotion to the public good and to comply with orders received only in strict respect for the human person, and undertake only to make legitimate use of force”. They do not take oaths from those in power. Décret n° 2013-874 du 27 septembre 2013 relatif à la prestation de…

  • The power of a King’s Speech

    The power of a King’s Speech

    “King Charles III is a constitutional monarch, meaning that he is Head of State. Although his political and executive powers are limited, the Monarch plays a central role in the life of the nation and has a lot of important responsibilities”. (The Role of the Monarch: https://ndla.no/subject:1:9b93cd9e-a45c-428c-a8fb-b4955169efdf/topic:0b7ab7e5-14c7-4118-b81e-c7d27df3aa6d/resource:ad73b390-5142-49e7-ba86-ef25c74d2e28) But what are these responsibilities? What is this…

  • Police and justice for the people

    Police and justice for the people

    It’s obvious that the rioters, those who burn, steal and commit violence are criminals who must be judged and sentenced in accordance with the law. There is a great deal of trafficking in the suburbs, including drugs. What a temptation when unpunished trafficking is infinitely more profitable than a laborious and unjust search for bad…

  • A helping hand – Call for the pursuit of the fight

    A helping hand – Call for the pursuit of the fight

    A helping hand – Call for the pursuit of the fight Dear promoters of direct democracy, from all countries, First of all, congratulations to those who continue the fight in the field and from their places, each according to their means. A thought also for all the victims of violence, whatever their side. Many good actions…

  • The leader? WE

    The leader? WE

    The leader? WE https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/515254836720041992/530138668044779530/49343131_39497817171262687_601453815151094124544_n.png The government is trying to impose leaders on yellow vests that do not want them: Fly RiderJacline MouraudPriscillia LudoskyEtienne Chouard It is quite clear that the government is trying to make Eric Drouet a martyr. After his first arrest, several petitions to free him were circulated: like this one: https://www.change.org/p/nous-les-gilets-jaunes-libérer-eric-drouet They…

  • The greek triumph

    The greek triumph

    The Greeks held out against PersiaWho was a thousand times stronger than themBut who won the battle of Marathon and ThermopylaeWe don’t remember much about itWe only honor the common soldier Who ran heroically from Marathon to Athens to announce victoryAnd of course we know LeonidasBelgian chocolate covered On the other hand, the triumphant Roman…

  • Popular Initiative

    Popular Initiative

    Popular Initiative Petition to the UN in accordance with the Sustainable Development Objective 16, “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions” (https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/sdg16), for the Referendum of the Citizenship Initiative: sign here: http: // chng .it / TXCknMhm via Change and tell your friends 🙂 Translate with: https://www.deepl.com/translator Comment lancer une initiative populaire fédérale en Suisse?: https://www.ch.ch/fr/democratie/droits-politiques/initiative-populaire/comment-lancer-une-initiative-populaire-federale/ Qu’est-ce qu’une…

  • Go, Go, Go!

    Go, Go, Go!

    Go, Go, Go! Thank you for opening the town halls for complaints, more than a step before opening them for the referendums. Operation “open town halls” on Saturday, December the 8th: “In this troubled period, mayors can connect citizens and the State”: https://www.francetvinfo.fr/economie/transports/gilets-jaunes/operation-mairies-ouvertes-samedi-dans-cette-periode-trouble-les-maires-peuvent-relier-les-citoyens-et-letat_3087821.html Kneeling protester: A new symbol of the YellowVests? | RT: https://www.rt.com/news/445965-protesters-kneel-police-students Les GiletsJaunes…

  • What kind of democracy do we want?

    What kind of democracy do we want?
  • Discover the list of claims of the yellow vests

    Discover the list of claims of the yellow vests

    No homeless, pensions, maximum salary… Discover the list of claims of the “yellow vests” The movement sent a press release to the media and MPs with about 40 demands on Thursday. https://www.francetvinfo.fr/economie/transports/gilets-jaunes/zero-sdf-retraites-superieures-a-1-200-euros-salaire-maximum-a-15-000-euros-decouvrez-la-longue-liste-des-revendications-des-gilets-jaunes_3077265.html The claims of the “yellow vests” now officially go beyond the issue of fuel prices alone. In a lengthy statement sent to the…