Quand on tape “abolir le sénat” dans google, on se rend compte que nombre de pays souhaitent le supprimer. Il est grand temps de le remplacer par le référendum d’initiative populaire.

Le Sénat a empêché Obama de gouverner (500 bloquages) et a laissé Trump au pouvoir. Le cas de l’impeachment de Trump en 19 décembre 2019; acquitté par le Sénat le 5 février 2020 est révélateur. Après l’insurrection au Capitole, on sent leur responsabilité. 

Non au mariage de même sexe en Irlande. Non à l’autorisation de l’avortement en Argentine. Diminution à partir duquel les enfants peuvent donner leur consentement à un acte sexuel en France (de 15 à 13ans). Les exemples pleuvent.

Ils sont élus par les maires des villes sauf aux Etats-Unis où ils sont élus par états. Le principe d’une personne une voix est de fait bafoué. La multiplication des états et des agglomérations favorise les partis de droite quelque soit le vote du peuple. 

En France, le parti Républicain qui ne représente que 10% des votants en France a la majorité au Sénat.

Le Sénat a bloqué l’élargissement du référendum voulu par Mitterrand et s’apprête à bloquer le projet de référendum à l’initiative du peuple et l’inscription de la protection du climat dans la constitution voulu par Emmanuel Macron et par son peuple.

C’est une chambre de bloquage. Ils ont le pouvoir de dire non aux représentants du peuple. 

Des sénateurs très remontés contre Jospin. Le Premier ministre veut réformer leur élection – Libération: https://www.liberation.fr/france/1998/04/22/des-senateurs-tres-remontes-contre-jospin-le-premier-ministre-veut-reformer-leur-election_233719

Le Sénat est une anomalie parmi les démocraties, Lionel Jospin (21 avril 1998) – DDJ: https://www.doc-du-juriste.com/droit-public-et-international/droit-constitutionnel/dissertation/senat-anomalie-parmi-democraties-lionel-jospin-21-avril-1998-454887.html

Grand débat : et si on supprimait le Sénat ? – Le Parisien: https://www.leparisien.fr/politique/grand-debat-et-si-on-supprimait-le-senat-28-02-2019-8021928.php

Cette fois, il est temps de supprimer le Sénat – Slate: http://www.slate.fr/story/82051/supprimer-senat

Filibuster: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – Last week tonight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3y1QA6OeAcQ&feature=youtu.be

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Ma réponse à la Petition update:  “Qu’est-ce qu’une démocratie sans RIC?” 

sur http://change.org (261k signatures) 

https://www.change.org/p/pour-un-référendum-d-initiative-citoyenne/u/24309949?cs_tk=AugoqVhuc8sANw78k1wAAXicyyvNyQEABF8BvBiclZdDls-aJS8raKY9RHM%3D&utm_campaign=74b9164ba5a14976b4f0bea06ab4d97d&utm_medium=email&utm_source=petition_update&utm_term=cs … … …

A helping hand – Call for the pursuit of the fight

Dear promoters of direct democracy, from all countries,

First of all, congratulations to those who continue the fight in the field and from their places, each according to their means. A thought also for all the victims of violence, whatever their side.

Many good actions such as boycotts, road toll lifts, blockages of the most powerful hypermarkets and extraordinary coordination without a leader in power. We managed to make them shiver. The people are regaining their rights effectively.

On the other hand, there are also far too many demonstrators in the city centres and in the places of power. For my part, I understand the latter, but I think that unfortunately this is falling into a trap. The State is a fuse box, it is there to take the blows in the place of the owners of multinational companies (e. g. Total, Auchan, Carrefour, Vinci) who have the reality of power in most countries of the world. Head of states and ministers draw anger at them with provocations. So, we march through the city, we take prefectures and ministries. For what purpose? What is the cost for those who fall victim to the many police officers still loyal to power? Where’s the lever? The damage will be repaired with our taxes, nothing more. The real perpetrators of state corruption are even less concerned. These actions allow them to live normally.

Political power is a fuse box. What will happen when the head of state or the ruling party, having focused all the hatred on him, resigns, self-dissolves, followed by elections to choose the next fuse? Months lost, false hopes for change and a loss of momentum in the struggles.

This message is a call to focus on actions that can lead the government’s financiers to ask their elected puppets to accept our demand to adopt the referendum on popular initiative in the constitution. Here are some of the proposals:

– Continue to lift road tolls.

– Block as much as possible access to the country’s two or three largest hypermarkets stores.

– Advocate for prosecutors who are independent of the government and locally elected. The crimes of the financiers in power, elected officials and their bullies must no longer be dismissed without consequences. With the ability of prosecutors to seize Interpol, these often highly mobile white-collar criminals will no longer have a country to hide and enjoy their money.

– Demand an amnesty law for whistle-blowers. Yes, many finance workers have been involved in corruption, our impoverishment and people poisoning, but we have everything to gain from those who want to defect and expose the crimes of their employers or colleagues. We have seen, for example, with the Panama Papers, implant files, Snowden, Assange, Chelsea Manning, etc., that some financial insiders really want to participate in democratic struggles and bring down the oligarchy.

– Call on the United Nations to promote direct democracy in our countries. We all know that the United Nations cannot impose it, but it can measure and promote it. In fact, it cannot deny to apply what is in its founding texts. Even a dictator doesn’t like to be pointed at. International organizations can be valuable allies. It is a reality that the UN, despite all its past failure and our frustrations, have advanced peace by drastically reducing wars between countries, reducing child labour by nine tenth, and defeating the greatest diseases in history, such as smallpox. They are doing their job, do not confuse them with the European Union.

To all of us, keep having courage, we have every reason to be proud of the work done so far, victory may be unlikely, but it is possible if we use our anger for our own ends and not in the service of the opponents of democracy.

Pour lire ceci en français: https://aurianneor.tumblr.com/post/181769674190/main-tendue-appel-à-la-poursuite-de-la-lutte

Petition to the UN for the Popular Initiative Referendum in accordance with Sustainable Development Goal 16 “Peace, justice and strong institutions” (https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/sdg16), for the referendum on the Citizenship Initiative: sign here: http://chng.it/TXCknMhm via Change and pass on to your friends:-)

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L’ONU interdit à la France l’usage des grenades et lanceurs de balles car cette violence d’Etat dissuade les gens de manifester pacifiquement.

Rights of ‘gilets jaunes’ protesters in France, ‘disproportionately curtailed’, say UN independent experts | UN News


Petició a l’ONU segons l’objectiu del desenvolupament sostenible 16 “La pau, la justícia i les institucions fortes” (https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/sdg16), per al referèndum sobre iniciativa popular: signar aquí i enviar-lo als vostres amics: -):

http://chng.it/TXCknMhm via Change.

Petizione all’ONU secondo l’obiettivo di sviluppo sostenibile 16 “Pace, giustizia e istituzioni forti” (https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/sdg16), per il referendum d’iniziativa popolare: firmare qui e lo inoltra ai tuoi amici :-): 

http://chng.it/TXCknMhm via Change.

Petition to the UN in accordance with sustainable development goals #16 “peace, justice and strong institutions” (https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/sdg16 ), for the Popular Initiative Referendum 

Sign here: http://chng.it/7ZyzgZRB and then forward it!

Pour une action au niveau de la France, il existe cette pétition: Pour un Référendum d’Initiative Citoyenne: https://www.change.org/p/pour-un-référendum-d-initiative-citoyenne?signed=true

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L’article à lire pour comprendre le référendum populaire, l’une des revendications des “gilets jaunes” France Info ‪https://www.francetvinfo.fr/economie/transports/gilets-jaunes/l-article-a-lire-pour-comprendre-le-referendum-populaire-l-une-des-revendications-des-gilets-jaunes_3093737.html ‬

Pétition à l’ONU conformément à l’objectif de développement durable n° 16 “paix , justice et institutions fortes” (https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/sdg16 ), pour le Referendum D’Initiative Citoyenne 

Signez ici : http://chng.it/7ZyzgZRB puis envoyez-là à du monde!

Pour une action au niveau de la France, il existe cette pétition: Pour un Référendum d’Initiative Citoyenne: https://www.change.org/p/pour-un-référendum-d-initiative-citoyenne?signed=true