Some want to know,

Others don’t.

If I tell him,

Will he make a scandal out of me?

If I don’t tell him,

His wife will have to manage it.

No, psychiatrists are not interchangeable!

To support them

In their efforts, to

Be patient.

Medications need a long time to take effect.

Trust and tact

For the patient to agree to take the medication, or to go to the hospital.

What about CRISPR_Cas9?

And Professor Zhong’s team!

Will they throw a pool ball into emotional illnesses?

Or will the ball fall into the yogurt?

                                                                                                                                                                           Aurianne Or

Robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes:

The Pill Umbrella:  / Le parapluie à cachetons:à-cachetons-la-recherche-sur-les

L’oeuf mystère d’Instagram a révélé son secret après le SuperBowl :





Robert Sapolsky on Depression:

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Tu peux ouvrir les yeux maintenant:

Vision au réveil après un cauchemar:éveil-après-un-cauchemar-ce

J’ai dix ans et je sais que je suis différent:érent

An autistic savant artist: 

Un autiste savant artiste:é

J’ai trouvé ma place:é-ma-place

Tous pareils, tous différents:érents

Only attitude matters:

Le parapluie à cachetons:à-cachetons-la-recherche-sur-les

J’ai dix ans et je sais que je suis différent:érent

How to biohack your cells to fight cancer – Greg Foot via @YouTube 

Too many producers of milk in France live below the poverty line. This is a scandal that those who feed the population are treated this way!

Farmers chose to act. Some butter producers have found better buyers in other countries which has created a shortage of butter in the supermarkets because they refused to increase their purchase price.

The media only covered the information partially by omitting the role of the distributors and simply said there was a shortage. This is false since farmers throw milk so as not to make the milk fall too low and sell it directly to people or via cooperatives.

Independent media like Le Monde speak the truth well.

Flour, butter and sugar are products of general interest. How is it that the French state does nothing when it is its responsibility to ensure distribution and it is only allowed for convenience to delegate to the distributor!

Thierry Roquefeuil, chairman of the milk-producers’ federation FNPL, told Bloomberg: “French retailers refuse to increase prices, even by few cents, even for butter. Dairy producers see that there’s an outside demand at higher prices so they sell abroad, and rightfully so:

Why millenials have food companies worried:

Dane millenial producer: