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  • Turn


    “Look back and take a picture of the Earth”, Carl Sagan told the Apollo 17 astronauts Who were oriented towards space Photographing distant planets and stars. “Turn back, there’s no need to look to the future!” When, for the first time, Humans cause disasters At the magnitude of natural disasters, You chose not to look […]

  • Epic course

    Epic course

    Epic course Will the horse jump?Of course not, this is his first training. But he’s going back to the arena.He turns and turns againLike a fall leafthat changes sides along with the wind. Will the horse jump?Will the rod fall?Maybe…He’s trained well.He tries again and again,Guided by his rider, He tries various methods.After making big […]

  • Home sweet Home — just bigger and easier to clean and tidy…

    Home sweet Home — just bigger and easier to clean and tidy…

    “Have you used this in the last 10 months? – Nope. – Do you have a good reason to keep it or is it one of your favourite thing? – Nope. – Then, give it to charities! – I’d rather sell it. – Ok, if it feels better, sell it.” You don’t even know what’s […]

  • Black hole

    Black hole

    “You have to find out what you can’t know before you know you can’t, don’t you? (…) The point is people must think, people must go on thinking, they must try to extend the boundaries of knowledge and they don’t sometimes even know where to start. You don’t know where the boundaries are, do you?” […]