Epic course

Epic course

Will the horse jump?
Of course not, this is his first training.

But he’s going back to the arena.He turns and turns again
Like a fall leaf
that changes sides along with the wind.

Will the horse jump?
Will the rod fall?
He’s trained well.
He tries again and again,
Guided by his rider,

He tries various methods.
After making big mistakes;
He finally makes it.

And yes,
Finding solutions is much more tedious
Than just whining.
The other horses brake before the obstacle
So afraid are they of failing;
While lamenting
That the bars are too high….
They prefer to stay in their comfort zone
And to jump obstacles
Which they already know how to cross.

But what a boost for our hero
When he finally manages to jump the obstacles,
One after the other,
During his equestrian journey.
His majestic final jump
Allows him to change category.

Categories, by categories,
He overcomes all obstacles
And eventually reveals its true nature.
A champion,
Not because he won medals
But because he is mastering the exercise.
He is accomplished
And give off an aura
Which the public cannot fail to notice.

At last, he decides to operate
His most accomplished jump.
He decides to become a star,
He decides to go to other territories.
Black spaces
But with some shiny areas.
His daydreams in the clouds,
turn into an epic story in the stars.

And always this desire to excel,
To go to the shadow areas,
To try to understand the unknown.

This attitude will soon
Make him shine
In the dark.
Who will see this?
Those who dare to look into the dark
And they too are looking for
Surpassing themselves.

Aurianne Or

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