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Si tu ne te laves pas les oreilles, t’auras des choux qui vont pousser; à moins que… tu t’intéresses à ce que tu mets sur ta peau!

If you don’t wash your ears, you’ll have cabbages that will grow; unless….you care about what you put on your skin!

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Epic course

Will the horse jump?
Of course not, this is his first training.

But he’s going back to the arena.He turns and turns again
Like a fall leaf
that changes sides along with the wind.

Will the horse jump?
Will the rod fall?
He’s trained well.
He tries again and again,
Guided by his rider,

He tries various methods.
After making big mistakes;
He finally makes it.

And yes,
Finding solutions is much more tedious
Than just whining.
The other horses brake before the obstacle
So afraid are they of failing;
While lamenting
That the bars are too high….
They prefer to stay in their comfort zone
And to jump obstacles
Which they already know how to cross.

But what a boost for our hero
When he finally manages to jump the obstacles,
One after the other,
During his equestrian journey.
His majestic final jump
Allows him to change category.

Categories, by categories,
He overcomes all obstacles
And eventually reveals its true nature.
A champion,
Not because he won medals
But because he is mastering the exercise.
He is accomplished
And give off an aura
Which the public cannot fail to notice.

At last, he decides to operate
His most accomplished jump.
He decides to become a star,
He decides to go to other territories.
Black spaces
But with some shiny areas.
His daydreams in the clouds,
turn into an epic story in the stars.

And always this desire to excel,
To go to the shadow areas,
To try to understand the unknown.

This attitude will soon
Make him shine
In the dark.
Who will see this?
Those who dare to look into the dark
And they too are looking for
Surpassing themselves.

Aurianne Or

Pour lire ceci en français, cliquez ici:épique-le-cheval-va-t-il-sauter-bien-sûr

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The optical illusion of the dress:

My personal Henna recipe:

If your hair is tinted with chemicals, make a detox mask first.

1. Prepare the mixture without using metal utensils.

1 egg (nourishing the hair)

1 black beer (bringing volume)

60g of neutral henna (sheathing your hair ―do not use natural henna = lawsonia inermis which tints in red)

70g of walnut husks (for a chestnut complexion)

30g of rhapontic (= rhubarb root, for Venetian blond highlights)

40g of turmeric (colorizing white hair ―buy it as a pigment because turmeric food gives orange highlights)

25g of alma powder (dying the hair dark blonde/chestnut. It is said to prevent hair loss as it is rich in vitamin C)

1 tablespoon honey (lightening the hair)

1 big spoon of olive oil (revitalizing damaged hair)

1 big spoon lemon juice or 2 spoons of cider vinegar (helping pigmentation and containing a biodegradable anti-limescale agent.)

½ natural yoghurt (for a smooth mixture)

1 teaspoon of ginger (supposedly helping hair growth)

1 cup of nutmeg (said to be fostering circulation)

1 small hot infusionof chamomile (for blond highlights and also because the heat fixes the pigments) – Another option is to use black tea if you like a darker color.

10 drops essential oil of chamomile (for blond highlights)

2. The mixture must have the consistency of a cream. If it is too liquid, add clay (green, pink or white) or neutral henna. If it is too thick, add a hot infusion of chamomile or black tea.

3. Optional: Let rest at least 2 hours or the whole night.

4. Put on old clothes and gloves. Apply on each wick, emphasizing the roots. Removeit when it is on the forehead, the neck or the ears.

Perform the operation in the bath or shower and immediately rinse the tiles, shower curtain and room with water before the pigments tint what they touched (if necessary, use bleach or a detergent).

Put a net cap  and an old towel. Remove the mixture that touches the skin. At this point, my son asks me to take off my hat because he says: “Mom you are not beautiful”. This is the only time he says that which means I must really look like a monster!

5. Leave on the hair for 3 hours (if you have white hair, otherwise, you can leave it from 1 to 3 hours depending on how deep the color you want). Do not open the door to strangers for fear of frightening them!

6. Remove the bulk of the mixture in hot water and rub thoroughly with a neutral organic washing base and then apply a mixture of 1/3 cider vinegar (which fixes the dye) and 2/3 of water, all thickened with guar gum so that the mixture has the consistency of a conditioner (see “Healthy Hair” for the full recipe). Leave on, then rinse with cold water to close the hair scales. Perform the operation in the bath or shower, then rinse the tile, shower curtain and room thoroughly with water before the pigments tint what they touched. Immediately afterwards, wash clothing, net cap, towels and all that has been in contact with the henna.

Dry your hair with a hairdryer; and then in the open air. (An exception is made the day of the henna because heat fixes pigments but the rest of the time prefer drying your hair in the open air or in a bamboo fiber turban).

Wait 3 days to see the real result (before, the color is not final, do not panic!).

If your skin is colored on the forehead, on the nape or around the ears, rub with lemon juice.

7. If the color is not suitable after 3 days; commercial chemical shampoos and conditioners are effective enough to remove color. Repeat a henna a week later by correcting the recipe in the direction you want.

For blond: Add to neutral henna, curcuma, chamomile, rhapontic, cassia or turmeric.

For chestnut: Add to henna walnut husk and / or Alma powder.

For coppery red: Make a mixture consisting of half of neutral cassia and half of natural or neutral henna.

For red: Add to neutral or natural henna, madder, beet juice or peels. onions.

Ginger promotes hair growth.

Nutmeg promotes circulation.

Cinnamon intensifies red and has antibacterial properties.

Clove has antiseptic properties.

Neutral henna sheath without coloring.

Natural henna sheath and colour in red.

Lemon juice and / or cider vinegar are anti-scaling and lightening.

Turmeric and black tea gilds hair (especially white hair)

In prevention, henna repulses lice. If you want to reinforce this repellent action, you can add a few drops of lavender essential oils to the preparation above or add a few drops in your conditioner. Ditto for the essential oil of chamomile for blond highlights or black tea to darken slightly the white hair (visible effect after 3 weeks).

If your color suits you, I advise you to use simple and organic products, such as those that I recommend in “Healthy Hair” or your color may change significantly.

It’s up to you to adapt according to the nature of your hair and the hardness of your water.

Create your own recipes, express your talent.

Pour le masque détox, consultez:

Pour plus de conseils sur l’entretien:

Pour plus d’informations sur la coloration:

Sesame Street- I love my hair

Miss Terra cheers me up

Tira = terra = earth, soil -> Tiarra / Misu = sublime / minus  ->  Miss

“Tiramisù” comes from the Venetian tiramesù [tirameˈsu], meaning “pick me up”, “cheer me up” or “lift me up”

Miss Terra – Wikipedia:


1) Mix three egg yolks and 75g of sugar until the mixture whitens. Add 250g of mascarpone. Mix well. Add two teaspoons of orange blossom water. Add to the mixture three stiffly whipped egg whites.

2) Dip the lady fingers biscuits into strong coffee that has cooled down, but without having them “too wet”. Arrange them as you go in the bottom of a dish. Pour over half of the mascarpone mixture. Sprinkle with cocoa.

3) Repeat step 2.

4) Leave in the fridge for a few hours.

Bon appétit !

The higher the quality of the ingredients, the better the dish will be for your taste and health. So choose your products well; (from your personal garden or the market,  preferably organic).



A single shot to cure a disease that today requires lifelong medication costing 10k USD per year.

– The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2020 – Emmanuelle Charpentier & Jennifer A. Doudna:

– MIT technology Day 2017: Feng Zhang’s speech : via @YouTube


– Feng Zhang named James and Patricia Poitras Professor in NeuroscienceCRISPR pioneer named to inaugural chair created by Patricia and James Poitras ‘63, founders of MIT’s Poitras Center for Affective Disorders Research:

– 2018 Kavli Prize in Nanoscience:


– “for the invention of CRISPR-Cas9, a precise nanotool for editing DNA,  causing a revolution in biology, agriculture, and medicine.”:

– Science explains: CRISPR diagnostics:


En 2019, le pas de géant de la thérapie génique – France 24:éant-de-la-thérapie-génique

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