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  • Soins


    Soins «Of course, it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?» – J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. «You don’t choose madness, but you choose to care or not». The nurse set her up in the waiting room. Her radiant smile added: «Wait […]

  • I moved out

    The house was three hours’ drive from work. Then a lousy one bedroom flat, With half the room bending with the roof Then the house had no heating The other had a stream that ran from the kitchen to the street through the living room And the electricity installed 30 years ago Notary and municipal […]

  • And there’s goat cheese

    “What kind?”“Pélardon… Yes, please. Two thanks.” They weren’t pélardons,They didn’t even look like them,The crust cracked too much,The color was cream Instead of the brightful white of milkAnd it was melting too muchAnd besides, the taste was bland.Or maybe it was just a poorly prepared pélardon? This cheese dates from AntiquityIts crafting has been preserved […]

  • Pressed

    She was a nurseAt the hospital all the time Full-timeHe was a merchant He travelled all the time Full-time And they had beautiful children So far so good……
Until… Until it lasted more than ten years… She worked full-time Except when she worked day and night He worked full-time Not counting his travellingOnly three days a […]

  • License on the Red Planet – A science fiction story

    License on the Red Planet – A science fiction story

    License on the Red Planet – A science fiction story Clementine woke up suddenly. She had dreamt that she was on the Red planet again, the planet where she was born. She was still considered a citizen of this planet, not of the Planet Brown for which she had left everything. As she couldn’t pay […]

  • Dinosaur on the road

    Dinosaur on the road

    – Oh! There is still something we’d like to tell you … – Ah? – Nothing serious. It’s just that the police came to school to explain how to be safe on the road to the children. They explained the signs, how to cross the street … That sort of thing. When they finished, they asked if there were any questions. – And […]