Volcanic Explosion


– Oh no! What a disaster! There is hot chocolate everywhere, even in the grooves of the dishwasher.

– It is necessary to clean immediately, otherwise the milk will rot.
With that, Bixente went to get the Spanish mop and sponges. Bachué went to the living-room to warn his friends. As she burst out laughing, she recounted how she had stirred too much chocolate and how the foam had risen and how the case had ended in a volcanic eruption on the washing machine. Oh yes! The kitchen was tiny and the top of the machine served as a worktop.

Chuckling with laughter, she added:

– We’ll have to leave you, because the longer we wait, the harder it will be to clean up.

– Chocolate is everywhere, everywhere! Bixente commented jovially. Explosion of hot chocolate! What a story!

The guests stayed in the living room because the kitchen was too small for them to be of any help. Bachué and Bixente sponged, sponged and mopped again, but it seemed that there was always one more place to discover and that it was necessary to clean up. It took a lot longer than they would have imagined.

– A Basque and a Colombian, unable to prepare chocolate … Traditions are getting lost it seems.

– No, it’s at least the hundredth time that we enjoy this recipe. Even the best cooks can be wrong at least once in a hundred.

– You call it wrong, it’s a real disaster! And what will our friends think?

– They’ll think we have a volcano in the kitchen! joked Bachué with a mischievous tone. They suspect that we would have preferred to drink our chocolate while chatting … Cleaning is still not a great hobby …

– For sure. But we should ask your grandmother how she prepares hers. I do not want to use that damn chocolate that your mother offered you!

– Okay, but she can still serve as a carafe of water. It is beautiful all the same, replied Bachué.

– OK. Water is easier to mop …

After a long time … scrubbing …

– Well now that they have been waiting for an eternity, they should still be served something, said Bachué.

– Not chocolate, I have an overdose. After an episode like this, you need at least one Irish coffee.

– But we’ve never done any!

– I do not care. I just asked them and they are very up to it. I want one and, with them, I’m looking for a recipe on the net. They seem to know how to do it, it looks simple, besides the whipped cream. Do not whip too hard … Otherwise, foam eruption …

– Ooh! You make me proposals, whispered Bachué in response to the joke.

– Prepare a coffee please my love while I inquire.

He returned two minutes later, I’m going to the Monoprix to take some whipped cream. It will avoid catastrophes. I will also take a little Whiskey because it must be heated with sugar. It’s just in case we have to do it several times.
Leopold, Noor and their son Fael came to put their head on the door:

– So, how are you doing?

Bixente pulled on his shoes and as he grabbed his coat, another explosion was heard.

– Ah! that’s it! Now I saw how a volcano works, Fael was super happy with this scientific experiment.

– Oh! My God!, marvelled Bixente.

– We will have to clean everything again, demonstrated Bachu. There is some all over the ceiling, the whole window and all the tiles! There are even some in the grooves of the dishwasher. It’s even worse than chocolate!

– Come on, come out of this kitchen, you’ve done enough cleaning for today. We are taking care of it. Keep an eye on Fael, will you? And then, it’s not as bad as it seems, Noor comforted her.

– It’s true, two explosions and zero wounded, it is rather a good record, ventured Leopold while holding back with laughter. After all this typical cuisine was quite untypical. Today it’s a great circus show, an acrobatic but an explosive one! But this is not an opera buffa; with all that, we have nothing in the belly.
Noor scowled at him.

– That’s why I propose to fetch fries with coke and beers, Belgian, of course.

– Very good idea, thanked Bixente, I’m coming with you. I already have my shoes and my coat.

Once the men left, Noor analysed the situation:

Fael was right. It was like a volcano. It’s not coffee but coffee powder that you have from floor to ceiling. And that’s good news because a sweep and the turn will be played.

– Magic magic! I love you. Thank you, Noor,!

– Be careful, I do not fly on brooms … I’m just a poor old maid with broken back by these long years of toil!

– You have well-chosen your profession.

– Witch?

– No, you know. Actress.

And while she was cleaning the Italian expresso machine, Bachué realized she had taken the top of one machine and the bottom of another one. No wonder the explosion!

Since then, the four friends remember this fancy snack regularly and always, always, laughing a lot ….

And Fael! Fascinated, like many children by volcanoes, he keeps asking his mother to agree to put a mentos in a bottle of Coke…

It’s funny this fascination for volcanoes. Despite the risk of injury, these two explosions have marked the minds of our five friends, positively. They remember it with great pleasure.

Volcanic explosions exert this same fascination on humans, despite the victims. These volcanoes represent a huge danger but let us not forget that they allow survival in many places, such as islands, because they fertilize the soil. This single image of the volcano represents a life drive and a death drive simultaneously.

When a human is about to crack nervously, we say that he is under pressure and we use the image of the volcano as a metaphor for this state. The pressure is cracking, it is the negative element but let us not forget that the fact of cracking makes one take matters in hand in order to no longer accept the unacceptable and to reorient his life towards a healthier situation.

Aurianne Or

Under Pressure – Queen


Aurianne Or by Aurianne Or is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0