Inviting friends for dinner

Oh! You’ve got coconut oil!

Yes, we use it to make our own Nutella because we do not want to say no to the kids all the time. I mean how can you tell them no Nutella. So we use cashew and nut purees with chocolate and we don’t add any sugar as they are eating it on a brioche which comes from the shop and already has tons of sugar. It’s very good. We sometimes add sugar sprinkles to make the kids happy.

Must be. We’re making our deodorant with the coconut oil.

Sounds good.

You can use it on dry hair as well. You know, I’m washing my hair with eggs and so, when you rinse it, the water should not be too hot. My daughter does not want to try she’s so scared she’ll have an omelette on her head.

We use beer.

That should work well too. We should try sometimes.

Unless you drink it! I have to buy beer he doesn’t like otherwise he drinks all of them and I have none left for my hair….

Well you know, at first you think, I’ll drink just one beer so I’ll leave one for her, but after you have actually drunk that beer, you just drink the other one…. What about your deodorant? How do you make it?

Well, you know. We mix shea butter and baking soda and coconut oil. Oh yes, and we add pine oil because it’s got antiseptic virtues.

Does it melt when it’s hot?

The Sinosauropteryx is the smallest dinosaur. It’s even smaller than you.

Oh! Really! And, tell me is the Argentinosaurus the richest…

It is even smaller than me. And the Argentinosaurus weighs 80 tonnes…

Oh! Like Daddy!

No! No, no.

And, the Argentinosaurus is the richest…

NoOOO!! Dinosaures don’t have money. Some are carnivores, some are herbivores and some are omn… omni…omnivorous….

He’s gone, looking for the scales… a Well, shea butter melts when it’s hot. But you use only a very small quantity, so it’s no problem…

And we’ve never had any problems on shirts either… I mean, spots on the armpits.

Do you think I can use essential oil of lavender instead of pine oil.

I have no clue. Why?

Because I have some. I use it for my laundry. We have the kind of hair that lice like, except for my bald sweetheart of course, …

They don’t like me….

But, I do, darling.

So how do you use it?

I put it in the washing liquid. So everything I wash smells lavender, towels, scarves, sheets…. Not a strong smell for us but insufferable for lice…

It works so well. We usually have lice four or five times each year, one of us, not everybody each time, and last year, we had it only twice.

So, it is efficient. In the old days, people used to put dry lavender in cupboards.

Yes, that’s exactly it. Schools should recommend simple stuffs like this… Well, could you send me your deodorant recipe, please? I’m really interested.

I’m sending you the link on whatsapp right now.

Thank you.

You know, when I was young… I come from a family who was fascinated by industry and they thought that with the new products, thanks to progress, all these products were cheaper and more efficient….

Of course not! These recipes have been transmitted from generations to generations. Of course they are efficient….

Exactly. It’s a lie!

It’s less efficient.

Yes when I started using natural products and checking on recipes, I thought it would be less efficient.

But it is the opposite. They are so much more efficient and not expensive either. Especially if you consider all those luxury products sold at the hairdresser or at the beautician. Well, you do not end up beautiful all the time with these beauticians!

They are more efficient but not at first. You need a little time to have it work.

And also to adapt the recipe to you.

And then you can’t stand chemicals products. They are too aggressive.

And the sense of being clean is different. When you use industrial products, you feel clean right away, even the first time. But after a few hours, you don’t. You feel you should use it again. It is the opposite with natural products. You don’t feel clean at first but you feel comfortable in the long run.

It’s all a lie.

Aurianne Or

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