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  • Soins


    Soins «Of course, it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?» – J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. «You don’t choose madness, but you choose to care or not». The nurse set her up in the waiting room. Her radiant smile added: «Wait […]

  • Volcanic Explosion

    Volcanic Explosion

      – Oh no! What a disaster! There is hot chocolate everywhere, even in the grooves of the dishwasher. – It is necessary to clean immediately, otherwise the milk will rot.With that, Bixente went to get the Spanish mop and sponges. Bachué went to the living-room to warn his friends. As she burst out laughing, […]

  • Man with a beard

    Man with a beard

    “Hello little monkey! How are you? Hi Barbara! What’s up?, Bam exclaimed. – Hi! Fine, fine and you? Barbara echoed. – Hi! Little monkey, Bam didn’t hear any answer. HelloOoO! – Say hello, Imberly, Barbara insisted. – Hi! Imberly babbled. – How are you? You look very stylish! What a haircut! You look like a footballer! […]

  • Inviting friends for dinner

    Oh! You’ve got coconut oil! Yes, we use it to make our own Nutella because we do not want to say no to the kids all the time. I mean how can you tell them no Nutella. So we use cashew and nut purees with chocolate and we don’t add any sugar as they are eating it on […]

  • Maquillaje

    «Women today no longer put on makeup. Why don’t they want to make themselves beautiful and put on beautiful clothes? » said her uncle Nacho. Esméralda felt himself affected by this remark. How long had she not been wearing makeup? She remembered throwing away all her products because they were outdated. When was it? She remembered the wedding of her […]

  • The plesiosaur

    The plesiosaur

    Once upon a time, there was a blue mermaid. She had awfully big breast that surprised everybody and hypnotised sailors. They were attracted to her, put their heads in her breast and then they would die from asphyxia. This made the mermaid very sad because she couldn’t marry them or even know them as all this happened so quickly […]

  • Théâtre de rue

    Le père de Fanfan l’emmenait, elle et son frère au festival d’Avignon. Non pas par amour du théâtre mais parce que le parc des jardins du Palais des Papes devenait impraticable pendant cet événement puisque Fanfan passait devant avant de s’y rendre et qu’elle le suppliait toujours de rester. Cela ne lui déplaisait pas non plus et il était […]

  • L’interview

    « Madame, bonjour et bienvenue dans notre émission. Vous venez de faire paraître aux éditions bla-bla votre dernier roman qui parle des paysans dans les campagnes et de leurs conditions de vie et parfois même de leur désespoir. Pourriez-vous me dire comment cela se fait qu’il y ait autant de fautes d’orthographe dans votre ouvrage ? – Tout d’abord, […]

  • Gender

    “Aie le courage de devenir ce que tu es” ― Søren Kierkegaard It was a beautiful fall in Geneva and they were training for the Escalade, the famous Winter Genevan run. What else than a jogging in the beautiful colors of Park Bertrand? And of course, as women always do, they were chatting at the sametime. The discussion had come to […]