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  • Healthy Soda

    Healthy Soda

    Healthy Soda Half a lemon juice + 1 liter of water = ça mousse (foam) You can also add slices of fresh ginger roots and add them to this drink.  You can also make variations to this recipe: it works with oranges, strawberries, grapefruits or anything you like. The Guardian – Grandma’s all-natural recipes: when […]

  • My personal Henna recipe:

    My personal Henna recipe:

    My personal Henna recipe: If your hair is tinted with chemicals, make a detox mask first. 1. Prepare the mixture without using metal utensils. 1 egg (nourishing the hair) 1 black beer (bringing volume) 60g of neutral henna (sheathing your hair ―do not use natural henna = lawsonia inermis which tints in red) 70g of […]

  • Miss Terra cheers me up

    Miss Terra cheers me up

    Miss Terra cheers me up Tira = terra = earth, soil -> Tiarra / Misu = sublime / minus  ->  Miss “Tiramisù” comes from the Venetian tiramesù [tirameˈsu], meaning “pick me up”, “cheer me up” or “lift me up” Miss Terra – Wikipedia: https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miss_Terra Tiramisu: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiramisu 1) Mix three egg yolks and 75g of sugar until […]

  • Ton/Ta Jean/Jeans/Gin Tagine/Tajine??? What’s this language!

    Ton/Ta Jean/Jeans/Gin Tagine/Tajine??? What’s this language!

    Ton/Ta Jean/Jeans/Gin Tagine/Tajine??? What’s this language! The better the quality of the products, the better the recipe to taste and for health. It is better to choose the right products: garden, A.M.A.P., market, craftsman, etc. preferably organic. Choose ingredients that go together: read tagine recipes and follow your inspiration. Cut the onions and fry them […]

  • Le mon coeur

    Le mon coeur

    Le mon coeur It doesn’t taste at all like the curds in supermarkets.` The higher the quality of the ingredients, the better the dish will be for your taste and health. You can replace the lemons or some of them by oranges. It is also super yummy. You need for these two jars: 3 large juicy lemon, 200g […]

  • Far à la flotte

    Far à la flotte

    “Water is made to sail or wash …” says an old retired Breton sailor I know well. In French, “le phare” is pronounced the same way as “le far”, thus the play on word of this picture. “Flotte” is also a play on words as it can mean “water” or “a float of boats”. Bretons went […]

  • Herbal Tea for the throat

    Herbal Tea for the throat

    You can add honey with or instead of ginger. – Evaluations of thyme extract effects in human normal bronchial and tracheal epithelial cell lines and in human lung cancer cell line – PubMed.gov: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27369807 – Efficacy and tolerability of a fluid extract combination of thyme herb and ivy leaves and matched placebo in adults suffering from acute […]

  • Volcanic Explosion

    Volcanic Explosion

      – Oh no! What a disaster! There is hot chocolate everywhere, even in the grooves of the dishwasher. – It is necessary to clean immediately, otherwise the milk will rot.With that, Bixente went to get the Spanish mop and sponges. Bachué went to the living-room to warn his friends. As she burst out laughing, […]

  • Empanada franco-gallega

    Empanada franco-gallega

    Empanada franco-gallega I am French. I do not even have dual citizenship. And yet, the empanada gallega has a very special meaning for me. This is the dish of my childhood. The one my abuela always cooked for our arrival in Galicia. She cooked it a second time for pleasure and a third time for […]