Far à la flotte

“Water is made to sail or wash …” says an old retired Breton sailor I know well.

In French, “le phare” is pronounced the same way as “le far”, thus the play on word of this picture. “Flotte” is also a play on words as it can mean “water” or “a float of boats”. Bretons went far because of their fishing traditions.

Le Four Light : “Le four” means “the oven” in French but here le phare du four is “Le Four Light”, a lighthouse.

“Van Diemen’s Land Steam Co. saved to Towers in the Storm: Le Four Light – Chenal du Four, France, Le Four Light (1874) is a round stone tower with lantern & gallery mounted on a square base, it is unpainted with a painted black lantern. The lighthouse marks the north entrance to the Chenal du Four.”

Classic meals from Brittaby: A Rich Tradition – Living Language:

“For dessert we’d have my mother’s far breton (…), which is a typical Breton snack. It’s like a large flan baked in a big earthenware dish, a mixture of custard and creme brulee. We make ours with prunes soaked overnight in rum.”

Sacred salted butter – Saveurs:

Marie of Brittany – Wikipedia:


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