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  • Quelle démocratie voulons-nous?

    Quelle démocratie voulons-nous?
  • The Good tyrant ?

    The Good tyrant ?

    Tyranny can legally exist in a republic or a democracy.   For instance, Julius Caesar was a very good leader. And yet, he has been assassinated because contemporary politicians, family and citizens feared his successor would be given too much power. They wanted to maintain the Republic and even if they were satisfied with Julius…

  • I can’t be a tyrant without you all

    I can’t be a tyrant without you all

    La historia de un hombre obsesionado con el poder Looking for Richard (1996): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Looking_for_Richard “The film is Pacino’s directorial debut. It is both a performance of selected scenes of William Shakespeare’s Richard III and a broader examination of Shakespeare’s continuing role and relevance in popular culture. The film was featured at the Sundance Film Festivalin January 1996 and…

  • Sheeps who did not jump off the cliff

    Sheeps who did not jump off the cliff

    The wolf scared the sheep. To escape him, the sheep jumped spontaneously from the top of the cliff. The wolf was eating the sheep at the bottom of the cliff. Simple technique, efficient, Known since the beginning of time. What most of the flock did not see, Were these few sheep that did not jump…