Sheeps who did not jump off the cliff

The wolf scared the sheep.
To escape him, the sheep jumped spontaneously from the top of the cliff.
The wolf was eating the sheep at the bottom of the cliff.
Simple technique, efficient,
Known since the beginning of time.

What most of the flock did not see,
Were these few sheep that did not jump
And who were peacefully continuing their way.

The wolf did not even lift an eyelash to look at them.
Why pay attention?
He had plenty to do,
With these sheep with stereotyped movements
Who were all the same,
And so easy to guide
Where it suited him.

The rest of the flock had noticed
That these oddballs were not acting like them,
They were always doing as they pleased.
Slackers who do not run with the flock.
These oddballs were trying to integrate without success,
As the flock did not love them.
They did not shout “ baaaah! ”
The sign of recognition,
Their unison,
They always had to ruin them
With their nonsense …

No, they had an opinion on everything,
You never knew what they were going to do.
Only the sound of their bell, around their neck,
Was the same.

Well, no! They did not jump.
Well, no! They could not be friends with the flock.
But they became friends with other sheep
Who had different ideas from theirs,
With whom they could discuss,
Because no one was afraid of difference.

Friends, who did not jump either.
They did not even have to fight the wolf.
Just to be themselves,
Just to think freely,
Just to express themselves and exchange ideas freely.
And to follow their own path,
Respecting others.

The most effective weapon against tyranny,
Is the freedom of the mind.

They build…

Direct or semi-direct democracies,
Methods to respect everyone’s word,
They write books,
Share their artistic activities with those who are interested in them,
Post their opinions and experiences on the Internet,
Are starting their own businesses,
Build an economy in their image,
And their own systems of solidarity.

As kind as sheep can be,
They do not attack the flock,
Without violence, without hatred, without exclusion,
Everyone does what he likes;

Respecting others,
In a harmonious symphony,
Chosen by all and composed together.

Aurianne Or

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Aurianne Or by Aurianne Or is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0