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  • What kind of democracy do we want?

    What kind of democracy do we want?
  • Sheeps who did not jump off the cliff

    Sheeps who did not jump off the cliff

    The wolf scared the sheep. To escape him, the sheep jumped spontaneously from the top of the cliff. The wolf was eating the sheep at the bottom of the cliff. Simple technique, efficient, Known since the beginning of time. What most of the flock did not see, Were these few sheep that did not jump…

  • Tomorrow – Chap 5: L’éducation

    Tomorrow – Chap 5: L’éducation

    #demainlefilm: https://www.demain-lefilm.com/en/film The award-winning globally acclaimed film, Tomorrow, by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent.

  • Heart ❤

    Heart ❤

    These perfect parents on Facebook Are just showing you a facade; You can’t act all the time, You can’t let Hollywood raise your kids. Confirm to theses clichés And you’ll just be a victim … Of intolerance and uniformity. They’re the flesh of your flesh, Whether you want it or not. They’re at the heart…

  • Maquillaje


    «Women today no longer put on makeup. Why don’t they want to make themselves beautiful and put on beautiful clothes? » said her uncle Nacho. Esméralda felt himself affected by this remark. How long had she not been wearing makeup? She remembered throwing away all her products because they were outdated. When was it? She remembered the wedding of her…